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Article: ‘At Home Series’ #1: Bianca Lambert

Bianca Lambert from Capra Designs

‘At Home Series’ #1: Bianca Lambert

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the all-new ‘At Home’ series, an intimate look into some of the best Australian-Based creatives and how they style their interiors to get the most out of the space.

We will be delving into their uniquely designed homes and see how Capra Designs has helped them to achieve their styling ambitions. Whether it is our designer plant pots, designer trays, or other beautiful interior decor objects, we want to see all the creative and wonderful ways professionals have been incorporating them into their homes.

To start this series with a bang and prepare for the journey ahead, we interviewed our very own creative mastermind and Capra Designs co-founder, Bianca Lambert. As the magic behind everything we do here, we figured there could be no better place to start.

Read on to uncover Bianca’s creative approach to her own home styling.


indoor plant pots

Bianca hard at work in her newly designed office. - Designer plant pots featured: Tri Planter and Frill Plant Pot in Dusty Rose Colour.

1. Let's start by learning a little more about you personally. What is your job role? Where do your passions and creative inspirations come from?

As the co-founder and Director of Capra Designs, I spend much of my time designing and manufacturing the interior decor objects that make up our portfolio, with a particular focus on plant wares. The original idea for my business originated from my strong passion for plants coupled with frustration over the seeming lack of plant pots that were both aesthetically beautiful and functionally fit for purpose. You will find inspiration in many of my designs taken from mid-20th century design and architecture, a particular love of mine.

2. How does your home interior design blend with your creative tendencies?

 I am a hands-on creative with a love of personally handcrafted pieces. You will find in our home that a lot of our furniture has either been designed and built from scratch or is a lovingly restored piece from the mid-20th century.


designer plant pots

Bianca favors darker tones in her kitchen. Featured here is the striking Eros single stem Vase and Roma Pot in Emerald and clearly inspired by mid-century design. Beneath are the Zip Pot and Funnel designer plant pots in dark stone, offering a subtle contrast of colors and an intriguing blend of shapes.

3. What Capra Designs products do you display in your home? What made you choose them?

 Having moved home recently I have been very busy making this new space my own. I have taken the fresh start as an opportunity to rethink some of my interior decor, but one product that I couldn’t possibly part with is my Dome Hanging PlantersThe verticality they add to any room is just perfect. 

I am forever taking fresh samples from upcoming collections with me so the interior decor objects I feature are constantly changing. However, my favorites and staples of my personal collection largely reflect our customers' favorites amongst the Capra Designs line. The Banjo Planter, Roma PlanterArchie Planter always take center stage no matter the space, and I couldn't live without my collection of trays. I can’t live without the designer Trays, tthey are so versatile, I’m constantly finding new uses for them!

Hanging indoor plant pots



terrazzo trays

featured products: Dome Hanging Planters in Salt and Golden, Medium Tray and Cone Keepsake Box in Agave Terrazzo.

4. What colors do you incorporate into your home and what role do they play?

I naturally find myself drawn to warmer tones with a healthy dose of bright, vibrant colors. You’ll find a blended palette of warm mustards, deep greens, rich pinks, and the like. Together they blend perfectly to fill any interior with warmth and make it as inviting as possible.

plant pots

Featured here is the Etch Pot, one of our most popular designer plant pots in one of our favorite colors: agave. A warm splash of color and a subtle complement to your favorite plant.


5. What is your favorite thing about incorporating plants into your living space?

Plants are one of the best ways to blur the distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces. They can be one of the biggest factors in making a house feel like a home. Plus, there is an immense sense of pride and personal accomplishment when your plants are doing well.

hanging planters

 A super healthy spider plant is the star of the room. - featured product: Dome Hanging Planter in Midnight.

We hope you have found inspiration from our very own creative designer, Bianca Lambert. Join us for the next installment when we will be talking to family and motherhood expert Courtney Adamo about how Capra Designs has helped shape her interior spaces.

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Xx - The Capra Designs Team

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