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Pottery - designer terrazzo tray sets


Colors, colors, colors....

While it's unavoidable to be distracted by what's in or on trend it's important to try to choose decorative home objects that will transcend trends.

We believe your home objects should resonate with you and therefore be pieces you love for years to come. 

I personally struggle to work with cool colors. I'm immediately drawn to warm colors and find them visually pleasing. It is certainly reflected in the Capra Designs color palette and even the colors I choose to wear. 

That said I'm always looking to balance the warm with a complimentary color.

Below we’ve selected a range of colors that inspire me.

Warm pastels

Warm-toned pastel colors can help shoo away the visual cold by bringing a touch of warmth to a room. From earthy terracotta to soft pink, we love the addition of pastel tones. A warm-toned pastel piece can offer a pop of color to a monochrome room, without being too intense or zany. Colors such as ceramic orange and pale pink also work well with a myriad of colors from dark greens through to greys.


For those looking for a bright splash of color, gorgeous ochre could be an option. Resembling a mustard yellow, the brightness of this color can be good for rooms that are missing a feature piece. Due to its tendency for complementing dark greens, this color works fantastic as a plant planter, and can be placed against a large range of background colors from monochromes to deep reds and royal blues.


Blues are often associated with cooler temperatures, and navy colors can be a great way of incorporating a subtle blue-tone (cool tone) into a room. A navy throw over a light-toned couch can be a simple way to add a winter feeling to a room. Navy works well with many colors, including browns, greens, pastels and dark reds, and it can be an alternative for those who wish to add some color to a room without it being too eye-catching.

Crisp whites

If you’re looking to lean into the crisp clean vibes, can I suggest taking the edge off them with some neutral accessories. Toning down the crispness of the white can make your home feel more comfortable and inviting. 

So we've tried our hardest not to be too biased towards warm colors but you like what you like. 

If you take a look at our Back to Nature collection, you'll see the above reflected in our color palette. 

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