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decorative indoor pots



1. The Designer Tray Set:

How do you keep all your valuables safe and sound while also adding a splash of vibrancy to your home? This matching terrazzo tray set is the answer to your search. Seen here in a subtle salt terrazzo, the delicate colors and size variation combine to offer the perfect visual symmetry. 

I personally like to use the small and medium terrazzo trays in the bedroom to hold my jewelry and other valuables - they’re a great way to snazz up an otherwise uninspired bedside table - while the largest tray is just the right size for serving drinks on when I have guests round or as a focal point for my small decorative pots when not.

Also available in golden and agave terrazzo if you prefer a darker shade and our exclusive ‘even steven’ design if you’re looking for something truly unique.

terrazzo trays


2. The Banjo Terrazzo Planter and Cork Plant Stand Set: 

Bring your little corner of paradise to life with the addition of verticality, textured nuance, and natural colors. This terrazzo planter features a generous water tray that makes it ideally suited to house your mid-sized plants. Plus, if you’re looking to feature your favorite plant then the minimalist cork plant stand is the perfect pedestal. This can offer the ideal alternative to a bedside or couch table and provides great versatility. Otherwise, achieve that wild layered look by pairing with smaller plants and platers for some distinct height variation.

Available in six bold colors ranging from the natural hue of the agave terrazzo to the warm, rich tones of the golden terrazzo. 


terrazzo plant pots


3. Summit Planter Set:

These designer pots represent real class. Minimalist yet undeniably bold, the curved silhouette of the Summit Planter is inspired by nature and designed to draw the eye. The large and small planters naturally compliment each other and make it a breeze to achieve that put-together layered look. 

Fossil and stone can effortlessly add to a muted color palette while the golden planter is unashamedly bright and bold, a real statement piece.

Ceramic planters for the home


4. Keepsake Box Set:

Wouldn’t this make the most thoughtful present, to keep one keepsake box for yourself and give the matching one to a beloved friend or family member? I know I’d be over the moon with that! Of course, we wouldn’t blame you if you decided to keep both for yourself either! The contrasting shapes and design variation that can only come from individually handcrafted pieces make this a truly magnificent set. Perfect for keeping your keys and other valuables safe.

Memorabilia Set in a Box


5. Archie Planter Set:

Playfully work height into your composition with these complimentary terrazzo planters. The Archie planters offer stylish functionality with the larger planter incorporating a built-in water tray and the smaller planter using a plug to prevent leakage after watering. These look perfect framing a shelf and offer a fun way to play with perspective and size. 

Available in seven colors to allow for that added personal touch with the subtle fossil terrazzo featured below in all its glory. 

terrazzo planter


6. Hanging Planter Set:

100% leather straps offer an undeniable feel of quality to these hanging planters whilst also ensuring your cherished plants are in sturdy hands. The subtle variations in the curved outline of these planters make them mutually complementary without risking over-matching and the straps are fully adjustable, allowing you to again play with verticality and layered variation. Ideal for spaces that lack countertop space or that require a little more height. 

hanging indoor planters


Whichever you choose, we have hand-curated these sets to ensure you can’t possibly go wrong. It’s time to instill that designer look in your home by combining your individual pieces with matching sets designed to work in tandem. 

We cannot wait to see how you make our beautiful sets your own.

XX - The Capra Designs Team

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