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Article: Learn more about One Girl.

International Women's Day

Learn more about One Girl.

In the occasion of the International Women's Day, we'd like to bring the spotlight on One Girl, a charity that is close to our heart. As a woman business owner raising a little girl, I hope that one day, girls around the World will be given the same opportunities we have access to in Australia.

One Girl run an amazing programs in Sierra, Leone and Uganda to give girls access to quality education so they can gain control of their lives and realize their dreams.

Capra Designs

Through different programs and with the help of local decisions makers and leaders, One Girl provides girls with access to school. Allowing girls to learn useful and practical life skills and become the teachers of tomorrow. 

A few numbers from One Girl:

541 girls have received support to attend and stay in school. 

25 teachers are currently trained and working as One Girl focal teachers across 25 schools.

10,825 girls and young women received education in business and life skills.

339,990 sanitary pads have been distributed to girls and women through One Girl programs.


For International Women's Day 2022, we'll donate 15% of the day's sales made on our AUS and USA website to One Girl.

If you wish to make a direct donation, please follow this link.

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