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Article: Show Your Love This Valentines Day with the Gift of Capra Designs Homeware

Capra Designs family!

Show Your Love This Valentines Day with the Gift of Capra Designs Homeware

Valentine's day is one of our favorite occasions of the year!

It is our belief that Valentine’s day is not only about showing your love to your one and only but spreading that feeling of love to all around you: writing sweet nothings to your significant other, expressing your gratitude for everything someone has done for you over the year, a little gift to remind family members they are always in your heart, even a bunch of flowers to an acquaintance can be enough to change their day for the better. After all the feelings of separation and forced time apart we have spent over the past couple of years, we have all discovered the importance of never taking companionship for granted. Expressing our love is more important than ever.

Valentine’s day is also particularly important to us as we received the best gift we could have possibly asked for - Our daughter Etta. Happy Birthday, Etta!

Family from Capra Designs!, Rainbow objects

To help you express your love we have put together some of our favorite gift ideas with some featuring our very own Capra Designs decor. We have also highlighted some of the most romantic plants we could think of because nothing says love like a thoughtfully selected plant!

1. A handwritten card may feel like an obvious place to start but the impact of writing from your heart really cannot be overstated. Take your time to collate your thoughts and consider how these can best be put into words. It can often be difficult to translate the feelings we have onto a blank page but effort and sincerity always shine through. If you’re unsure exactly what the recipient of your card would like as a present you can also include a gift card so that they can treat themselves however they see fit!
2. Choose a beautiful indoor plant pot and romantic plant (we’re talking heart-shaped leaves exclusively here!) and show your partner just how romantic you can be. Below we have highlighted some of our favorite plant pot and plant combos:

Archie Pot Fossil, Roma Pot Terracotta, Banjo Pot Musk Terrazzo.


The Caladium ‘Fantasy’ really is as romantic as it sounds. Large heart-shaped leaves in brilliant white with bold red ribs make for the perfect symbol of love. This plant pairs perfectly with our Archie Planter in Fossil color, the Terracotta Roma Planter, or the Banjo Terrazzo Planter in Musk.


Archie Pot Golden, Tall Eros Pot Terracotta, Roma Pot Musk.

The Philodendron Gloriosum is a native of Colombia with a striking visage characterized by oversized hearty leaves interlaced with distinctive white veins. Featured here alongside our Golden Archie Planter with drainage tray, a Tall Eros Planter in Terracotta, and a Musk Roma Planter .


Archie Pot Musk Terrazzo, Etch Pot Agave, Small Hanging Pot Salt


The Chain of Hearts may have the most Valentines-appropriate name of any plant. Named so for its beautiful trails of heart-like leaves capable of reaching lengths of up to 13 feet! This plant can either be planted in a standard planter with adequate drainage (such as the Archie Planter in Musk Terrazzo or the Etch Planter in Agave) or in hanging indoor pots (Our Small Hanging Planter in Salt is perfectly sized and shaped for this plant). 

Small Summit Pot Fossil, Roma Pot Fossil, Etch Pot Musk.


Lastly, but by no means least, we have the Anthurium. Featuring bold shades of red and pink leaves surrounding a distinctive green stem. Our preferred indoor plant pots to pair with this plant are the Roma Planter in Fossil, the Etch Planter in Musk, and the Small Summit Planter, also in a beautifully muted Fossil tone.


3. Our Rainbow Object is an iconic piece of interior design and guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of anyone lucky enough to receive it. The Rainbow Object has been handcrafted with love and is made to encapsulate feelings of joy and optimism within a 1970s motif.


Rainbow Objects
4. Fresh flowers are a staple of Valentine’s Day and, like the trusty handwritten card, should not be overlooked. Locally grown and seasonal specimens should always be chosen where possible for the best effect (locally and globally!). Add some class to your gift by pairing with a small or single stem vase such as the Eros Vase or Etta Vase.


Eros Vase, Etta Vase.


We hope you have a beautiful Valentine’s day full of love and compassion and we cannot wait to see how you express yourselves this year!

Xx - The Capra Designs Team

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