If you know about our weekly #ShelfieSaturday post on Instagram, you are aware that we love styling our shelves and re-arranging our home decor every second day!

Composing a decorative arrangement on a shelf is a really nice styling exercise. I see it as a putting together a little vignette that would change over time, following my mood, the seasons and the new treasures I want to have on display for a while. 

After seeing our incredible stockists displaying our products in their stores, we learnt some tricks that we would love to share with you:

1- Vary heights.

If you can, try to display your objects and planters on different levels to create a dynamic ensemble and to catch the eye.

featured planters from top to bottom: Large Summit planter Golden - Banjo planter Agave Terrazzo - Roma planter Fossil

2- Vary the scale of your objects.

Having a mix of large and smaller items makes your arrangement interesting from any point of view. People would probably be attracted by a plant or a large vase, and would approach to see a refined object closer or touch an interesting texture. Make your shelves look gorgeous from far and near!

3- Create contrast.

Play with different colours to make some objects stand out while creating a visual harmony. If you're not into colourful finds and prefer neutral hues, vary the textures: resin, wood, glass... 

featured planters and objects from top to bottom: Rainbow ObjectLarge Summit planter Golden - Archie planter FossilBanjo planter Agave Terrazzo - Small Tray - Dome Keepsake Box - Etch planters - Cone Keepsake BoxRoma planter Fossil

4- Don't line up your objects.

Of course, this is not an absolute truth as a beautiful line up of objects can be a strong statement ( imagine a shelf with 4 or 5 Archie planters!), but it can be nice to create some group of objects and to watch the space between them to avoid a cluttered result.

5- Add up some life!

The final touch is to add some plants! Adding some foliage and a few stem brings your shelves to life! Light up one or two candles, sit down and admire the result!

If you want to give it a try, do not hesitate to tag us on your photos to get featured!


xx - the Capra Designs team