We may or may not like Valentine's Day, the truth is we always end up doing something special for someone on that day. It doesn't have to be fancy at all and cooking a nice dinner could be enough to cheer up your family, your partner or a friend. For me, Valentine's day is more about giving a little bit more, than buying an extravagant gift.

After the uncertainty of 2020, I tend to find excuses to indulge and spend quality time with my loved ones. And to me, Valentine's day is one of these excuses!

Here are some nice little gestures and small gifts that can make someone's day:

-It can be the occasion to prepare and share a lovely dinner or a special breakfast.

-Having a short walk with a friend while having a nice take-away coffee is something I would love and appreciate.

-Sending a joyful and colourful object will make the recipient smile instantly! Our Rainbow object is a perfect option and a lovely surprise!

decorative rainbow objects

-Sharing a quiet time around a glass of wine at the end of the day with your partner or roommate would be so enjoyable!

musk terrazzo tray

-Receiving and sending cards is great and is always a good opportunity to send some positive vibes to the people you love. If you're short on time, check out our ready-to-be-used gift card!

-I would be lying if I said that I don't like receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers, but I'm not a "red roses bunch" girl. I love what's in season, and it doesn't have to be a pinky romantic arrangement. Hydrangeas, for example, are currently in season in Australia and I love them. 

-A potted plant is a thoughtful and meaningful gift and it tells the recipient that you had to choose the perfect pot AND the perfect plant! So nice! Our Banjo pots, our Roma planters and Summit planters are beautiful and unique pots!

Roma planters

+ if you need help choosing the perfect combo, read our article "Plant + Pot combos that look ace!"

Valentines Day has become extra special at Capra Designs as Bianca's daughter, Etta, was born on Valentines Day last year. Etta had a difficult start and then went into lockdown for the better part of her first year of life. And so, this year's Valentines Day will be quite the celebration for us!

We wish you a happy Valentine's day! And remember, it's the perfect excuse to send some extra love to your dear ones!

xx - the Capra Designs team


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