Plant Seeds


A selection of our favourite flowers for you to grow at home: Poppies and Australian natives Everlastings Daisies.

The seeds come in a 100% recycled paper pack. Each pack includes an illustrative plant label to mark where your seeds are planted. They are great as a gift or they make an original gift card as you can write a note a the back.

- Billy Buttons, an easily grown Australian native flower ball looks great in the garden and will continue to please as a dried flower. To sow, scatter seeds in a sunny position and cover with a thin layer of soil. Ensure that the soil stays moist

-Poppies' bright pink & red delicate petals and serrated green leaves appear as if out of a fairytale. Best sown in autumn and winter, scatter seeds in full sun and cover with only a very thin layer of soil.

-Everlastings or ‘paper daisies’ are pretty pink and white flowers with papery petals that grow naturally in Western and South Australia. Easy to grow, the seeds can be sown directly into garden beds to produce a meadow of blooms during warm, sunny conditions.

Made in Australia.

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