Indoor Plant Soil Food and Foliage Spray Pack


Love your plants. Every day at Munash Organics they celebrate life. Human life, plant life, soil life. 

This pack will help your indoor plants thrive! These are natural products formulated especially for indoor plants. 

2 sizes of Foliage Spray are available:
500 ml or 1l to suit the needs of any indoor garden.

The Foliage Spray has been created from a gentle blend of natural minerals from the sea will give your indoor plants a nourishing boost, keeping them happy and healthy. 

The Soil Foods unique formula of lush natural minerals will give new life to your indoor plants and help them to thrive. 

Vegan | 100% Safe | 100% Natural | Organic Input

Foliage Spray 500ml or 1l
Soil Food 400g 


While the Spray and the Soil Food do work amazing by themselves, they actually work far more effectively together.
This is because together the soil and the plant live happily together. So by feeding the soil it’s proper source of food which is the rock minerals from the Indoor Plant Soil Food the soil will function more effectively and it will thrive, therefore making the home which the plant lives in happier and healthy.
It’s also import for the plant to absorb and utilise the minerals efficiently in which the Indoor Plant Spray helps the plant to do just that.

It’s the same as our bodies. Nutritionally we need to feed our bodies well from in the inside making sure our food is full of health, vitality and loaded with great nutrition, which is what the rock minerals is to soil, optimum food.
The plants foliage is similar to our skin, what we apply to our skin should be also be natural and high in nutrition, which the Indoor Plant Spray is that to plants.

So ideally we want to feel good on the inside and out, just like our plants do.


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