Munash Organics' Ultimate Indoor Plant Care Pack

The Ultimate Indoor Plant Care Pack includes the following:
Munash Organics Soil Food is a slow-release which feeds all the bacteria and microbes in the soil and potting mix, therefore, keeping all the goodness in your potting mix so the plants thrive and they have a continual food source available to them. 
NEW Munash Organics Seaweed Tonic is a concentrate and more powerful. It is designed to feed the plants and the soil through the potting mix. You add 2mls to 2 litres of water and you water your plants as normal.  This tonic isn’t used as a foliage spray, but rather as an added mineral food to the soil. The bottle is It’s a 200ml bottle which makes up to 200 Litres of product so it goes a long way.

Munash Organics Foliage Spray is made from sea minerals – it is a VERY gentle formula which suits foliage.  So it doesn’t burn and is formulated to feed foliage.

Using all three in conjunction will make your indoor plants thrive with greenness!

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