Beauty can be full of imagination and play can be elegant


Capra Designs came to life when Tom and I started creating together. With a craving for more in life we started exploring and experimenting with colour and form. Through crafting these pieces, we made our home more beautiful and our life more magical. A life to be enjoyed. Capra Designs exists to spread the joy of beauty and passion. To inspire play and imagination while sustaining quality and ever pursuing harmony with nature, our first muse.


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We create functional and beautiful design.
We let natural beauty take the spotlight.
We add colour and detail to enrich the ordinary.
We create space for play and imagination.
We believe texture is an invitation and light is a poem.
We believe beauty and joy belong in the everyday.
Bring the beauty of nature into your home with Capra Designs.

Capra Designs evolution

Inspired by the Australian landscape and designed with utility and style in mind, our collection of unique artisan homewares will bring a touch of natural beauty to any room.

We have been creating hand-poured resin plant pots and homewares for over 6 years. Each finished product is unique with irregularities in colour and pattern forming evidence of the skilfully hand-made process.

Capra Designs began with an obsession for plants. Bianca had filled her house with indoor plants and was unable to find pots that were beautiful and functional. She began experimenting with mold making and resin. She spent a year making pots for herself and friends and soon realised there were many more people who were looking for the same product.

Bianca got to work hand making each and every pot in her granny flat in Abbotsford, Melbourne. She soon outgrew this process and found a beautiful family run manufacturer in Vietnam. She has worked closely with this manufacturer ever since in order to create interesting, colourful and functional homewares.

Capra Designs Homewares Collection Includes:

Indoor plant pots with drainage and trays

Plant lovers rejoiced, the perfect indoor plant pot is here.

Each Capra Designs’ pot has a drainage hole and water tray hidden neatly in their design to make looking after a plant easier, in the most decorative, eye-catching way.

Capra Designs are leaders in creating designer pots that are also practical. Prior to their emphasis on drainage and trays it was hard to find unique planters that provided a sustainable home for indoor plants.

You’ll love owning a houseplant with Capra Designs. At Capra Designs we believe that beautiful indoor plants deserve equally gorgeous planters.

Indoor Hanging Pots with drainage

Our hanging pots are thoughtfully finished with a tan leather cord, a drainage hole and plugs. These indoor hanging pots come in both vibrant and timeless colours and are able to hang directly from the ceiling or mounted off the wall.

They are available in two sizes and have remained the same perfect shape and size since their innovation. This makes adding to your hanging pot collection easy.

Hang your Small and Large Dome Hanging Pots in your kitchen, in a sunny corner in your living room or in any window and create the ultimate jungalow look.

Styling Tip: The cord is adjustable, hanging this due at different heights creates great balance.

Gift Ideas for Plant lovers

Our modern pots make gorgeous housewarming gifts or are the perfect gift for plant enthusiasts. There is something available for everyone, with so many colours and styles to choose from you are sure to come across the perfect gift for a plant lover.

Our keepsake boxes and Rainbow Objects are also popular amongst gift givers. The Rainbow Object makes a beautiful baby shower gift.

Decorative Trays

We all love making our house feel like a home. With our beautifully unique homeware range, you’ll be able to make your ideas for your space come to life.

Within Capra Designs collection you will find decorative trays that are very functional.

These trays are a dream for styling or keeping the house in order. I keep one on the bedside table for jewellery and hair ties. One on my desk as a catch-all and one in the kitchen to keep the hand soap and cream tidy.

They will help you maintain order in any room while adding a pop of colour and texture. Our terrazzo trays have become one of the most popular items in Capra Designs Collection.

Modern Vases and Bud Vases

Most of Capra Designs’ vases are beautiful single stem vases or also known as bud vases. These small vessels encourage you to head into the garden and find that one flower stem or unique piece of foliage to add to your sculptural vase.

Terrazzo Pots and Terrazzo Trays

No matter the collection, each Capra Design pot will sit beautifully next to one another thanks to an evolving colour pallet and a timeless terrazzo finish. As our range of products have grown, we have consistently used colours that draw inspiration from their predecessors. When placed together, we see the complementary nature of our entire range.

Our handmade pots are designed to suit many interior styles. Whether a bold colour or strong focus on pattern like terrazzo, each product is designed to feel lively and unique.

We adore using terrazzo within our collection. You’ll be able to enjoy this finish across all of our products including terrazzo pots, terrazzo hanging pots and terrazzo trays.

Indoor Plant Care Products

While our pots are designed to keep your indoor plants healthy through drainage and route care it’s also important to provide your plants with nourishment.

We hold a range of indoor plant care products including natural mineral soil food, natural mineral foliage spray and an indoor plant seaweed tonic.

These products are best used together.

There is also a gorgeous gift pack, perfect for plant lovers which contains all three products in a lovely gift box.

All of the products are 100% Safe and natural and Certified Organic. They are safe to be used around pets and kids.

Let us help you keep your plants nourished, green and healthy

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With our entire range to choose from, we trust that our lovingly crafted products will bring life and passion to your chosen environment. Because at Capra Designs, we believe that beauty and joy belong in the everyday.

Start your collection today.