Musk Terrazzo tray setsalt terrazzo trays with glass and plant
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Tray Set

$120.00 $143.00
medium musk terrazzo traylarge decorative tray_purple terrazzo

Terrazzo Tray

From $19.00
large even steven designer traystrays with a decorative flair

Even Steven Tray

From $15.00
Specked Tray Large White Clay SpeckleSpecked Tray Large White Clay Speckle props

Speckled Tray

From $19.00
terrazzo indoor planter with trayCream indoor pot with plant

Archie Pot

Spring PotSpring Pot

Spring Pot

Agave Terrazzo pot with standSalt Terrazzo plant pot with stand
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Archie Pot Christmas Gift PackArchie Pot Christmas Gift Pack
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Welcome to Capra Designs' Office organisers and decor, where we recognise the importance of creating a productive and inviting workspace. Our carefully curated Australian-designed products cater to every aspect of your work or home office needs.

Desk organisation is paramount for boosting productivity, and our collection of trays ensures your workspace remains clutter-free and functional. Utilise Capra Designs' decorative trays to organise and manage your desk without sacrificing style.

An added bonus to shopping desk organisers online with Capra Designs is you can also explore our collection of indoor pots and plant stands. We understand the significance of introducing office greenery to your workspace. It can increase productivity and wellbeing.

We believe in the transformative power of well-designed spaces, and we're dedicated to providing you with top-quality products that enable you to express your personality even in the an office space.

Discover the joy of decorating and organising your office with Capra Designs, where every piece is created for with design and functionality in mind.

all products are designed by Capra Designs Australia, and skilfully hand made.

Design and handmade process