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Indoor hanging pots

Find stunning hanging plant pots made for showing off your favourite indoor plants.

Able to hang directly from the ceiling or mounted to a wall, be that over a sunny kitchen window or in a relaxing home office. Indoor hanging pots are a great way to introduce more greenery into your home without taking up counter space.

Handcrafted in two classic shapes and sizes, in a range of colours and finishes, each hanging pot looks fantastic on its own or as a pair. A fully adjustable leather cord makes it easy to play with height to create a balanced and natural look.

Because beauty is all about creating a sustainable home for nature, a drainage hole and plug are neatly built into every design. Proper drainage keeps plant care simple and your greenery as healthy as can be.

So whether you want to show off a gorgeous trailing houseplant or a one-of-a-kind succulent, find your perfect hanging indoor planters here.

all products are designed by Capra Designs Australia, and skilfully hand made.

Design and handmade process