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Cork Placemat_Capra Designs


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large terrazzo tray for decorating_capra designslarge decorative tray salt_capra designs
Terrazzo Tray Sale priceFrom $19.00 AUD
Specked Tray Large White Clay Speckle propsSpecked Tray Large White Clay Speckle
Speckled Tray Sale priceFrom $19.00 AUD
Rainbow Object Cool 3Colorful Rainbow Object
Rainbow Object Sale price$89.00 AUD
trays with a decorative flairlarge even steven designer trays
Even Steven Tray Sale priceFrom $15.00 AUD
Save 16%salt terrazzo trays with glass and plantMusk Terrazzo tray set
Tray Set Sale price$120.00 AUD Regular price$143.00 AUD
gift card for indoor pots and homewares
Gift Card Sale priceFrom $25.00 AUD
Duo Tone Cork PlacematsCapra Designs_table decor
Duo Tone Cork Placemats Sale priceFrom $35.00 AUD
Eco Conscious Homewares Capra Designs CorkCapra Designs_Cork_Bar Decor_Tray
Cork Trays Sale priceFrom $89.00 AUD
Capra Designs_Cork Trivet_Designer DecorCapra Designs_Cork Designer Trivet
Cork Arch Trivet Sale price$115.00 AUD
Capra Designs_Cork CoasterCapra Designs_Coaster Set
Duo Tone Cork Coasters Sale priceFrom $26.00 AUD
Large Bowl - Natural Colour - Capra Designs - Corklarge bowl - fruit bowl - bread bowl - Capra Designs
Cork Bowl Sale price$165.00 AUD

Home Decor for home and office

Transform your living spaces into curated havens of style with our exquisite range of homewares and home decor items. We offer decorative trays, placemats, coasters, trivets and bowls, each piece is thoughtfully designed to add a touch of personality to your home.

At Capra Designs, we believe in the power of design to elevate everyday living. Our collection of decorative trays and cork bowls is carefully curated to inspire creativity and style in every corner of your home.

Indulge in the beauty of our homewares, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for quality craftsmanship. Whether you're serving up snacks in style or showcasing your favorite treasures, our trays and bowls are versatile pieces that seamlessly blend form and function.

Discover the perfect accents to complement your home decor and express your unique sense of style. With our range of decorative trays and bowls, you can create a space that reflects your personality and makes every moment special.

Shop online now and let your home tell its own story with Capra Designs.