medium musk terrazzo traylarge decorative tray_purple terrazzo

Terrazzo Tray

From $19.00
purple sculptural vase_Capra Designspurple vase _ sculptural vase
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Eros Vase

Specked Tray Large White Clay SpeckleSpecked Tray Large White Clay Speckle props

Speckled Tray

From $19.00
Colorful Rainbow ObjectRainbow Object Cool 3
35% OffOn sale

Rainbow Object

$45.00 $70.00
large even steven designer traystrays with a decorative flair

Even Steven Tray

From $19.00
Musk Terrazzo tray setsalt terrazzo trays with glass and plant
Save 15%

Tray Set

gift card for indoor pots and homewares

Gift Card

From $25.00
designer vase muskdesigner vase with plant

Etta Vase

large bowl - fruit bowl - bread bowl - Capra DesignsLarge Bowl - Natural Colour - Capra Designs - Cork

Cork Bowl

Cork Arch TrivetCork Arch Trivet
Duo Tone Cork PlacematsDuo Tone Cork Placemats
Duo Tone Cork CoastersDuo Tone Cork Coasters
Cork TraysEco Conscious Homewares Capra Designs Cork

Cork Trays

From $89.00

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