Give safe shelter to a person seeking asylum

Families who have fled violence, war and persecution are often then stripped of their basic rights in Australia, while waiting for an outcome to their legal status. People often live this - in limbo for years. During this time, more and more people, without the right to work, become destitute. Women and children are especially vulnerable during this time.

For the past 16 years, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) has supported and empowered over 3,000 refugees and people seeking asylum every year, helping provide a warm bed, food, education, employment support and much more. The ASRC gives them hope for a safer, brighter future.


Continue her education | Provide a safe space

Millions of children in Ukraine are now being forced from their homes in sub-zero temperatures and facing family separation, trauma, and prolonged interruption of their education.

Without urgent de-escalation, the crisis will spiral out of control – with devastating impacts for 7.5 million children and families.

By supporting families with cash to buy essential items, Save the Children is also working with authorities in host countries, to find and provide children with a school.

A continued education also provides security, comfort, and a sense of normalcy in a time of profound challenges.


Respond to famine | Feed a family

In Somalia people have become so desperate they drink muddy water from rivers that are almost dry, and are struggling to find food. Refugees have been fleeing to Dadaab, pitching makeshift shelters on the outskirts of Dagahaley camp in Kenya.

This last year alone, more than 755,000 people have been internally displaced in Somalia because of the severe drought, while the number of people facing severe hunger is expected to rise to over 7 million in the coming months, exacerbated by the effects of climate change and rising food prices because of the conflict in Ukraine.

UNHCR is working to protect and assist people in the Horn of Africa with food, water, and basic necessities in this critical time when millions are facing the growth threat of famine.

director of Capra Designs

Bianca Lambert

“Giving back to communities in need aligns with our primary core value of Respect For All.

We are honoured to collaborate with i=Change, and empower customers to join us in making a positive impact.”