medium musk terrazzo traylarge decorative tray_purple terrazzo

Terrazzo Tray

From $19.00
terrazzo indoor planter with trayCream indoor pot with plant

Archie Pot

Musk Roma designer planter in hand with traydecorative pot with plant

Roma Pot

White plant stand_Capra DesignsCrescent Plant Stand
Save 27%
Capra Designs_Green Indoor PotBud Pot

Bud Pot

Spring PotSpring Pot

Spring Pot

Agave Solstice plant Pot in hand With trayAgave Solstice Pot With plant

Solstice Pot

purple sculptural vase_Capra Designspurple vase _ sculptural vase
35% Off

Eros Vase

Specked Tray Large White Clay SpeckleSpecked Tray Large White Clay Speckle props

Speckled Tray

From $19.00
Colorful Rainbow ObjectRainbow Object Cool 3
35% OffOn sale

Rainbow Object

$45.00 $70.00
large even steven designer traystrays with a decorative flair

Even Steven Tray

From $19.00
Musk Terrazzo tray setsalt terrazzo trays with glass and plant
Save 15%

Tray Set

gift card for indoor pots and homewares

Gift Card

From $25.00
designer vase muskdesigner vase with plant

Etta Vase

large bowl - fruit bowl - bread bowl - Capra DesignsLarge Bowl - Natural Colour - Capra Designs - Cork

Cork Bowl

Zip Feature Planter - usa.capradesignsZip Feature Planter - usa.capradesigns
On sale

Zip Feature Planter

$36.00 $59.00
Duo Tone Cork CoastersDuo Tone Cork Coasters
Duo Tone Cork PlacematsDuo Tone Cork Placemats
Cork TraysEco Conscious Homewares Capra Designs Cork

Cork Trays

From $89.00
Cork Arch TrivetCork Arch Trivet
Tri Planter - usa.capradesignsTri Planter - usa.capradesigns
On sale

Tri Planter

$55.00 $70.00
Terrazzo Pot Gift PackTerrazzo Pot Gift Pack
Save 40%
Terrazzo Keepsake Box Christmas Gift SetTerrazzo Keepsake Box Christmas Gift Set
Save 24%On sale
Terrazzo Hanging Pot SetTerrazzo Hanging Pot Set
Save 20%
Eros Vase + Roma Pot Gift PackEros Vase + Roma Pot Gift Pack
Save 50%On sale

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