terrazzo indoor planter with trayCream indoor pot with plant

Archie Pot

Emerald Terrazzo potsEmerald Terrazzo pot with plant

Archie Pot Set

Agave Terrazzo pot with standSalt Terrazzo plant pot with stand

Banjo Pot and Cork Plant Stand Set

salt hanging plantersalt hanging pot with plant

Block Colour Dome Hanging Pot

midnight hanging potsmidnight hanging pots with plant

Block Colour Hanging Pot

Bud PotBud Pot

Bud Pot

terrazzo plant pots with standscork planter stands

Cork Plant Stand

neptune dome eros potneptune dome eros pot with plant

Dome Eros Pot

neptune eros vaseneptune eros vase with plant

Eros Vase

agave designer potsagave designer plant pots

Etch Pot

designer vase muskdesigner vase with plant

Etta Vase

large even steven designer traystrays with a decorative flair

Even Steven Tray

From $19
Gift Card | Capra Designs

Gift Card

From $25
Hanging Pot Set Black Terrazzosalt Hanging Pot Set

Hanging Pot Set

Spray Bottle for FoliageSoil Food for Indoor Plants

Indoor Plant Soil Food and Foliage Spray Pack

From $29
Organics by Munasha Plant Care Kit

Indoor Plants Gift Pack - Munash Organics

Agave Terrazzo box setGolden Terrazzo box set

Keepsake Box Set

slat decorativepotsslat decorative plant pots

Large Etch Pot

golden summit indoor potgolden summit indoor pot with plant

Large Summit Pot

Lucky Dip Homewares

Lucky Dip - Seconds and Samples

From $25
Tonic with Seaweed and Indoor Plants

Munash Organics' Seaweed Tonic

housewarming gift ideasBrightly Colored Object

Rainbow Object

Fossil Roma designer potFossil Roma designer pot with plant

Roma Pot

Small Archie Pot Fossil Terrazzo potSmall Archie Pot Fossil Terrazzo pot With plant

Small Archie Pot

Fossil Summit indoor potsFossil Summit indoor pots with plant

Small Summit Pot

Sol terracotta designer potsSol terracotta designer plant pots

Sol Pot

Agave Solstice plant Pot in hand With trayAgave Solstice Pot With plant

Solstice Pot

Specked Tray Large White Clay SpeckleSpecked Tray Large White Clay Speckle props

Speckled Tray

From $19
Spring PotSpring Pot

Spring Pot

golden designer plant potsfossil designer plant pots

Summit Pot Set

Terracotta Indoor potsTerracotta Indoor plant pots

Tall Eros Pot

Musk Terrazzo banjo potsMusk Terrazzo pot with plant

Terrazzo Banjo Pot

salt Terrazzo Keepsake Cone Shapes Boxsalt Terrazzo Keepsake Cone Shapes Box

Terrazzo Cone Keepsake Box

agave terrazzo hanging potsagave terrazzo hanging planters

Terrazzo Dome Hanging Pot

agave terrazzo box openagave terrazzo box

Terrazzo Dome Keepsake Box

musk Terrazzo Hanging Potmusk Terrazzo Hanging Pot with plant

Terrazzo Hanging Pot

large salt terrazzo traylarge salt terrazzo tray with plant

Terrazzo Tray

From $19
salt terrazzo trays with glass and plantTerrazzo serving trays

Tray Set


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