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Cream indoor pot with plantterrazzo indoor planter with tray
Archie Pot Sale price$69.00 AUD
agave designer plant potsagave designer pots
Etch Pot Sale price$69.00 AUD
Terracotta Roma designer pot with plantIndoor pot with saucer
Roma Pot Sale price$95.00 AUD
decorative indoor plant potsSalt Terrazzo pots
Terrazzo Banjo Pot Sale price$129.00 AUD
musk terrazzo hanging plantersmusk terrazzo hanging pots
Terrazzo Dome Hanging Pot Sale price$129.00 AUD
Crescent Plant StandWhite plant stand_Capra Designs
Crescent Plant Stand Sale priceFrom $285.00 AUD
agave terrazzo hanging pots with plantagave terrazzo hanging pots
Terrazzo Hanging Pot Sale price$69.00 AUD
Spring PotSpring Pot
Spring Pot Sale price$89.00 AUD
Block Colour Dome Hanging Potsalt hanging planter
Block Colour Dome Hanging Pot Sale price$129.00 AUD
Bud PotCapra Designs_Green Indoor Pot
Bud Pot Sale price$139.00 AUD
Capra Designs_Indoor Planter Stand_planters with StandIndoor flower stands_planter stand indoor
Cork Plant Stand Sale price$125.00 AUD
Small Archie Pot Golden Terrazzo pot With plantSmall Archie Pot Golden Terrazzo pot
Small Archie Pot Sale price$45.00 AUD
white Solstice Pot With planterWhite Solstice plant Pot in hand With tray
Solstice Pot Sale price$115.00 AUD
salt hanging pots with plantsalt hanging pots
Block Colour Hanging Pot Sale price$69.00 AUD
Desert etch pot with plantslat decorative plant pots
Large Etch Pot Sale price$189.00 AUD
gift card for indoor pots and homewares
Gift Card Sale priceFrom $25.00 AUD
Save 33%Salt Terrazzo plant pot with standAgave Terrazzo pot with stand
Banjo Pot and Plant Stand Gift Pack Sale price$169.00 AUD Regular price$254.00 AUD
Tonic with Seaweed and Indoor Plants
Save 10%Capra Designs_Colorful Hanging PlantersTerrazzo Hanging Pot Set
Terrazzo Hanging Pot Set Sale priceFrom $178.00 AUD Regular price$198.00 AUD
Save 10%Capra Designs_Cream Hanging PotBlock Colour Hanging Pot Gift Set
Block Colour Hanging Pot Gift Set Sale priceFrom $178.00 AUD Regular price$198.00 AUD
Save 22%Archie Pot Gift PackArchie Pot Gift Pack
Archie Pot Gift Pack Sale price$89.00 AUD Regular price$114.00 AUD
Save 40%Terrazzo Pot Gift PackTerrazzo Pot Gift Pack
Terrazzo Pot Gift Pack Sale priceFrom $119.00 AUD Regular price$198.00 AUD

Indoor Plant Pots


Discover the beautiful range of designer plant pots exclusively from Capra Designs. Designed in Australia and skillfully handcrafted with the aim to combine stunning form with practical function.

A drainage hole and drip tray are seamlessly built into every design, aking plant care as easy as possible and keeping your plants at their healthiest. This ensures your plant gets the proper drainage it needs without compromising on style.

Capra Designs was founded on a love of creativity and a desire to bring the outdoors in. That’s why we are proud to offer a wide collection of sizes, styles and colours to suit any interior decor.

Find your perfect planter here.