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Article: #4 - At Home Series - Jason Chongue

#4 - At Home Series - Jason Chongue

#4 - At Home Series - Jason Chongue

After interviewing three creative and talented woman for this 'At Home' Series, our founder Bianca Lambert, Courtney Adamo and Maryanne Moody, it is now time to know more about the styling vision of Jason Chongue, aka the plants realm king.

Jason is the founder of Plant Society, a very special plants and homewares store in the heart of Collingwood, Melbourne. He is also the author of very insightful books -The Plant Society and Green - and a designer - we launched a collection together back in 2020. You can learn more about the Totem Collection here.

The Plant Society is one of the best places to shop Melbourne indoor plants.

Jason is a multi-faceted creative person who cleverly merged his passion for interior design and plants together. We couldn't think of a better candidate for this 'At Home' Series. Learn more about Jason's elegant and refined home style below.

1. Tell us a bit about you. What’s your creative field, style, passion etc?

I’m the Creative Director for The Plant Society. Having been an architect and interior designer, I merged my passion for plants into my everyday life. I love gardening indoors and out. I love styling with form and texture, having homewares, interiors and plants all complement one another. For me, pieces that are timeless play a huge part of my style.

2. How does your creativity play into your home aesthetic?

It’s all in the details. I love when each element speaks to one another. For instance when planter shades and tones talk to textiles and furniture. Creativity is about harnessing your own personality and exploring who you are in your home. A home should be lived in and as a result should shift with your moods and time.

Roma Pot in Fossil

Variation of heights for a dynamic shelfie. - featured product: Roma Pot in Fossil.

3. What Capra Designs products did you choose and why?



I chose the Roma Planter, Spring Planter and Eros Vase. They are all sculptural and textural, allowing them to catch the sunlight. I love simplicity and although these forms are iconic they can also seamlessly fall into vignettes.

Living room styling
A stunning setting and lovely vignettes created with a few vessels. - featured products: Spring Pot in Musk, Eros Vase in Fossil, Roma Pot in Fossil.

4. What role does colour play in your home decor?

Colour plays a big role in our home. My approach to colour is one of earthiness. I’m always saying, ‘That colour needs more dirtiness in it’. I prefer colours that are muddier when compared to fluos and bright tones.


Spring Planter for indoor plants


A subtle hint of colour to match the oxalis' foliage. - featured product: Spring Pot in Musk, Eros Vase in Fossil.

5. What do you love about living with plants?

What isn’t there to love about living with plants? We forget that as people we are a part of nature. I see it as our duty to care for the environment we live in. Gardening for me provides a great sense of solace. When I’m gardening indoors and out; I’m always blown away at how the atmosphere changes with plants. How leaf shapes and forms can add excitement or calm to our living spaces.

You can follow Jason on Instagram: @jasonchongue / @theplantsocietyau

Or connect with him through the Plant Society website:

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Thanks again Jason!

xx - The Capra Designs Team


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