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Article: #6 At Home Series - Bianca Mavrick

#6 At Home Series - Bianca Mavrick

#6 At Home Series - Bianca Mavrick

I have been a fan of Bianca Mavrick's work since she founded her namesake label in 2013 after graduating from a Bachelor of Fine Art. 

Her love for designing contemporary costume jewellery has lead her to signature materials including colour coated metals and cellulose acetate. She loves the limitless colour palettes of these materials.

We love her clear passion for objects and their emotive and sentimental connections. See below to learn more. 

Featured products:  Keepsake Box Set in Salt Terrazzo, Bud Planter in White.

What is your design style and passion?

My style is all about artful sculptural statements, cleverly considered design details and clever colour combinations.

Beyond my passion for designing jewellery and all interest in art, design and craft I also love spending time at home, walking in nature with an iced batch brew, and going to the farmers market on Saturday morning.


How does your creativity play into your home aesthetic?

My home is filled with art objects and furniture that I’ve collected slowly over time. These artefacts of a creative life make parts of my home feel like an art gallery.

Some of my most cherished objects are paintings, ceramics, and art works from artist friends, mixed with interesting sentimental objects collected over time. I have lots of unusual props that I’ve used in jewellery campaign photoshoots that create interesting vignettes around my home.

My home has some wonderful original 1970’s design details. Warm timber floors, a fireplaces and sunroom and original joinery – my partner and I are renovating it in a slow and considered way to maintain the architectural integrity of the home (and rectify some bad 90’s era renovations).

planter with Fiddle Leaf Fig

Featured products:  Solstice Pot in White

What Capra Designs products did you select and why?

I chose Solstice Pot in White, and the Bud Pot in Agave. I love the sculptural forms of both these pieces, along with the clever design of the dish that catches water and integrates so perfectly into the design.

I also chose a Terrazzo Dome Keepsake Box to store my jewellery! I love the colour palettes of Capra Terrazzo pieces.

Bud planter with Pilea

Featured products:  Bud Planter in Agave.

What role does colour play in your home decor?

I love colour and don’t shy away from incorporating it in my home décor through playful statement colour pops. 

Though I feel most at home at calm spaces with neutral colour palettes too. I think colour has energy that can make you feel different in spaces so it is nice to have a balance between energetic, creative spaces and calming spaces with neutral colour palettes.


What do you love about living with plants and interesting decor?

I love lush greenery at home, however I will be the first to admit I am a reformed black thumb – I’m trying hard to keep all my indoor plants looking healthy and well loved! Plants add a sense of calm and peace to my space. I love to come home to objects that make my eyes smile and I am a real homebody!


You can follow Bianca on Instagram: @biancamavrick

Or shop via her website:

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Thanks again Bianca!

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xx - The Capra Designs Team


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