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Article: #7 At Home Series - Jeni Westle

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#7 At Home Series - Jeni Westle

Meet Jeni Westle, a seasoned PR/Marketing professional whose passion for crafting captivating narratives extends seamlessly into her role as a home renovation enthusiast.

For over a decade, Jeni and her husband have embarked on a journey of building and renovating homes, infusing each project with a unique blend of creativity and practicality. They challenged themselves with their latest endeavour, 'Little More House', to eschew the ubiquitous white for a palette inspired by nature's hues and earthy materials.

In this interview, we dive into Jeni's design philosophy, her favourite Capra Designs products, and the pivotal role of colour in shaping her home's aesthetic. 

Home Courtyard


Tell us a bit about you. What’s your creative field, style, passion etc?

I have a background in PR/Marketing and my husband and I have been renovating and building homes for the last 12 years alongside running his construction business. I have always loved being creative in what I do and in our most recent home build we have really allowed our creativity to flourish.

My style for our home is mainly drawn from natures colour palette and earthy materials whereas my personal style is more fun with pattern and colour.

I love spending time with our family on holidays exploring a new regions, I am learning photography at the moment which has always been an interest of mine and I love to take pottery classes.

Bedroom Decor
Featuring Solstice Pot in Agave

What is your style and home aesthetic?

We have lived in a lot of homes over the last decade so we have had the opportunity to play with different styles and learn how to express ourselves through the interior design choices we make. With our current home ‘Little More House’ our goal was to have no white, it was a challenge we set for ourselves and managed to stick to. It was hard to continue pushing myself to make choices for each room to be unique but also aligned to the rest of the home.

outdoor courtyard Inso

Image by Willem-Dirk du Toit for

What Capra Designs products did you choose and why?

I absolutely love the Crescent Stand, I think it creates such a feature in the corner of our room. The structure of the stand is so beautifully put together and has allowed us to bring more greenery inside our home at eye level which I love.

My favourite pot is the Spring Pot in clay/musk speckle, we have this in our kitchen and I love how the colour of the pot blends so well with our copper splashback and timber walls and contrasts beautifully with the green of the plant. Plus the drip tray is just such a game changing feature for my indoor plant watering routine.

Image by Willem-Dirk du Toit for featuring Spring Pot.

What role does colour play in your home decor?

Colour plays a huge role in our home, we have absolutely no white in our house. It is full of raw materials and an earthy colour palette which I absolutely love, our home feels inviting and warm through the choices we have made. We have had a lot of fun creating our home, including creating a pink hued bathroom for our kids with a fully tiled bath. The kids bedrooms are also painted different colours to allow them to express their personality in their own spaces.

Crescent White Plant Stand

What do you love about living with plants?

I love having plants in my home as they bring nature indoors, fill corners and shelves with greenery and interest all while helping to purify our air quality. Plus we get to find fun colourful pots to house all of our indoor plants!

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Thanks again Bianca!


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