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Roma plant pots in hand


We are slowly but surely sharing more about our work life over here. 

You recently met our team, learnt more about our story, read about our design process and we thought that going through a typical photo shooting day could be of interest.


design, architecture

Shooting days are my favourites. Our design work comes to fruition and the collection is brought to life on a computer screen shot after shot. It is also quite stressful as it could take hours to nail the perfect hero image and your time is limited. You have to move quickly while putting together new sets and thinking about the purpose of each shot and angle.

Planned assembly for making plans

As an online business, these days extremely important as the shots make our storefront.

Here are our favourite tips to get organised to make the most of shooting days:

-Plan ahead:

It's really important to take some time to find some pictures, inspiration, or even to make some sketches to define the style you are after and the photographs you want to get achieve. You can also play with colour swatches to find your palette.

-Work with the right people:

We are so lucky to work with a superstar duo of stylist and photographer, Beck Simon & Eve Wilson. It takes a lot of stress off your shoulders knowing that you'll spend a day working with talented and like-minded professionals.

changing architecture

-Think about the story:

It is great to think about the purpose of shots. What do we want to show you? Which products need to be shot together? Which angle should we choose to highlight a specific feature? On what platform will the images be used etc...

clay urn holding a roma plant

On the day:

- Keep in mind the above:

You are prepared, your props are ready, your shot list has been discussed with your stylist, you have a story to tell with these shots and your photographer and stylist are here to make your products look glorious.

- Go with the flow:

It takes time to put a set together, move the products around and find the perfect light. Trust the process and your team. Something unexpected could happen that might turn your schedule and plans around, but you'll get there!


 new Musk capsule

We hope you like these photos taken behind the scenes of our new Musk capsule collection shooting day!



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