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Better together - group of Summit planters


These words sum up the year 2020 pretty well!

Our sense of community really grew over the last few months and we will cherish the coming family reunions like never before.

To end this memorable year, we selected some Capra Designs pots that may be great on their own but look even better in good company!

1. A duo of Eros planters ( and vases ):

These objects have been designed to be mix and match. Their different heights allow you to install them together as a table centerpiece, or on the same shelves for a dynamic result.


modern vase


2. A duo of Etch planters:

The Large Etch planter is our first pot for fully grown specimens! Combine them with a small Etch planter for visual harmony. Or pop two large Etch planters together using the cork plant stand to create different heights. 


pots with plant stands


3. A pair of Summit planters:

These planters look sophisticated on their own, but they really look fantastic in a group! Try to face them towards each other or back to back, depending on the foliage of your plants, and make the most of their sculptural sliced shape!


decorative Summit planters


4. A pair of Hanging planters:

We already wrote a blog post about how to style our hanging planters here but we don't say it enough: their possibilities are endless! With their simple shape, they can fit easily into any interior. Start your collection with a Dome hanging planter and a small hanging planter: you can't go wrong with this pair.


hanging indoor planters


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