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Article: Create an oasis in your bathroom.

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Create an oasis in your bathroom.

We all dream about having a lush and cascading foliage happily hanging above our shower. 

The reality can be slightly different: not enough natural light, wrong specimen and inappropriate care can ruin your dream of having your leafy bathroom oasis.


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The first thing to take in consideration is the amount of natural light you have access to in your bathroom. Many bathrooms are pretty dark, especially in apartments, but don't worry, certain plants thrive in low light and will be happy in a dark and wet environment. Unfortunately, you can't have plants in your bathroom if you don't have even a small source of natural light ( unless you would like to invest in specific artificial lighting).


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Then, you have to select plants that would handle living in a wet or steamy environment. Plants can turn this relatively cold room into a warm and welcoming relaxing space. If you've already read our tips to care for your cacti & succulents, you know that they don't like being misted, therefore don't like constant humidity. They will probably rot if you keep them in your bathroom.

Here are some plants that will LOVE living in your bathroom:

  • The famous Pilea Peperomoides thrives in tropical conditions and loves humidity. It needs bright indirect light though so if you have a dark bathroom, you'd have to choose a different specimen.
  • A Fiddle Leaf Fig would look stunning in your bathroom if you have enough space for it. They love warm and wet environment so be attentive to the temperature in your bathroom. 
  • A Calathea Lancifolia thrives in moderate humidity. It needs medium indirect light to grow. Its foliage is one-of-a-kind and will add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom.
  • The Alocasia needs some attention and is a bit more challenging to care for. It need medium indirect light, grows well in a humid environment, loves a good mist, but doesn't like to sit in a wet soil for too long. You'd have to wait until the soil is almost totally dry before watering it again.
  • A Spider Plant looks absolutely gorgeous in a hanging pot. It will grow well in bright indirect light but can support low light too.
  • A Watermelon Peperomia loves a to be misted regularly too. It needs medium to bright indirect light to stay healthy.
  • Last but not least, a ZZ plant is a must-have. It's the most forgivable plant I know and could thrive anywhere!





It's important to care for your plants like you would do if they were in any other room. Choose a pot with a drainage hole and a tray to make the watering part easy and don't forget to empty the water tray when you do so. Rotate them regularly to avoid a lean towards the window.


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Enjoy your own little jungle at home!

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