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Article: How to Choose the Right Colour for Your Plant Pot

terrazzo planter

How to Choose the Right Colour for Your Plant Pot

We enjoy nothing more than playing with colour combinations to find the best match for our interior decor ambitions.

When we first started Capra Designs, we were driven by a desire to create interior decor objects that fully reflected our personality and fit seamlessly into the dream we had for our perfect home. To this day we continue to be led by that same sense of intuition to bring life to every one of our collections.

We have always had a passion for colour; while staple black and white planters will always have their place in interior decor, we wanted to take our design ambitions a step further and create truly unique pieces that people would love. 

We spent alot of time playing with subtle nuances of colour and gradient to create the perfect terrazzo mixes that now feature in everything from our terrazzo trays to our terrazzo planters. We compose unique colour palettes for all our carefully designed collections. We also frequently experiment with bold paint tones and bright pieces of furniture to create personal spaces that are both intimate and distinctly ‘us’. 

We are all about finding that combination of colours that elevates a room beyond a simple space and into something truly special.

designer plant pots

From left to right: Eros Vase in Fossil, Etch Pot in Agave, Small Archie Pot in Fossil Terrazzo & Roma Pot in Fossil.

At Capra Designs, we also believe that sense of joyful exploration should begin right from the start as you begin to pick out the interior decor objects to complement your styling dreams. That’s why we have created this simple guide on how to choose the best colour(s) for your plant pots, to make the whole experience as joyous and free of doubt as possible:

1. Choose the space before choosing your plant or plant pot.

Wherever possible, the space you want to reimagine should always inform your choice of interior decor objects and not the other way around. Of course, as with any ‘rules’ regarding interior decor there are exceptions. The only important ‘rule’ to always remember is - your space, your rules. 

However, choosing a plant first can limit what you can do with a space and the type/size of plant pot you can use. We recommend taking practical considerations into account first. Start by tracking the course of the sun throughout the day, which corners get the most light and which get the least? If you need to brighten up a darker area of the room then bolder colours such as Golden or Terracotta can work wonders. Alternatively, muted tones such as salt or fossil can ensure attention is not detracted from your plants and look great in sunnier environments.  

Finally and importantly, consider the colour of the background where you will place your plant pot. You may wish to contrast colours; a black planter on a plain white wall for example, or go subtler by matching more earthy and muted tones. It is these nuances that really define a composed decor approach.

planters with trays

Etch Pot in Musk.

decorative trays

From left to right: Zip Pot in Dark Stone, Eros Vase in Emerald, Funnel Pot in Dark Stone Terrazzo & Roma Pot in Emerald.

 2. Learn the basics of colour theory and complementary colours.

Colour theory can sound intimidating to anyone without an art or interior design degree. The truth is, though, it is really simple and with just a cursory understanding of the colour wheel you can feel confident trying out bold new colour combinations you may not have considered before.

Put simply, complementary colours are those that sit on opposite sides of the colour wheel. If, for example, you had an orange wall then a blue plant pot would be a terrific addition.


complimentary hues

Taken a little further, you can then start looking at tertiary colour combinations; these are the secondary colours that sit on either side of the main complementary colour on the wheel. In the below example, you can see that purple and pink both work well with yellow. 

complimentary hues

Incorporating complementary colour schemes alongside your interior decor objects is a surefire way to create a striking, well-thought-out aesthetic. Once you are confident with the basics you can start playing with gradients of colour and also different textures and styles such as our terrazzo planters. That leads us nicely to our final styling tip:

housewarming gift ideas

from left to right: Eros Vase in Emerald & Dome Eros Pot in Terracotta.

3. Play around with different textures and visual layers with your interior decor objects.

A blend of block colours and textured variants is a great way to personalise your interior design and make something really special. Our terrazzo planters are a great way to incorporate some extra texture and intrigue into a vignette. Plus, we have already put the hours in to make sure our terrazzo mix is the perfect blend of colours so you don’t have to worry about anything!

designer vase

from left to right: Funnel Pot in White Terrazzo & Zip Pot in Gum Leaf.

Of course, if you’re looking to make an understated impact, then a block colour plant pot can cut a striking silhouette. A simple planter with elegant curves can also help to forefront your plant if that’s what you want taking centre stage.

white plant pots

Large Summit Pot in Fossil.

Remember, above all else, interior decor is all about experimentation and having fun. We hope these tips will help you realise your ambitions and create the most beautiful spaces. Whatever plant pot you decide on, we cannot wait to see what you do! 

Reach out to us on Instagram @CapraDesigns, to share how you put our Capra Designs plant pots to best use.

xx - Capra Designs

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