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Article: How to make the most of your Spring Pots?

planters with plant stand

How to make the most of your Spring Pots?

It didn't go unnoticed: we launched a bright and colourful collection for Bunnings just in time to celebrate Spring! 

With restrictions easing slowly across the country, it will soon be time for you to head to your local Bunnings and meet our Spring Collection in person!

We already shared with you our favourite Pot+Plant combos to make your shopping at Bunnings easy. We also wanted to show you how these new Pots can adorn your home in the most beautiful way. 

We placed some Pots around the house for you to see them in action!

In the bedroom, a Tri Pot - Dusty Rose makes the perfect bedside table companion. We paired it with a Frill Pot in the same colour as they compliment and balance each other so well. 

decorative indoor planters with stand terrazzo plant pots


In the living room, we placed a duo of Pots at the end of the sofa to create a lovely vignette. We paired our Tri Pot with a Zip Pot in our new favourite green - Gum Leaf.  Don't forget to vary the heights with a Cork Plant Stand, and to create contrast with the different colours and finishes. 

designer plant pots terrazzo white planters


Try to create movement while grouping your Pots together and avoid placing them on the same imaginary line, it is nice to create shadows and contrasts for a dynamic composition.

white plant pots

In a small bathroom with natural light, I think it's always nice to find room for a plant as it makes the space looks warmer and energising. Try to declutter your bathroom shelves and cabinet regularly so the your plant and pot can pop!

terrazzo planter with stand

You got it, the Spring Pots are designed to bring joy and fun to any room. Mix and match the colours together and add a touch of terrazzo to finish the look. They make the perfect gift and will cheer up all the plant lovers around you.

We hope you enjoyed this tour!

xx - the Capra Designs team

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