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Article: Find Your Pot Quick and Easy.

terrazzo, etch, roma plant pots

Find Your Pot Quick and Easy.

Hi everyone!

We want to make finding the perfect pot easier than ever. Take our quiz below or read on for some tips on what pot may suit you. 



We have 15 different pots available (and counting!). All of them come in at least 3 colours. We'll let you do the math, but that's a fair amount of pots! 

You're in the right place if you're new to Capra Designs and need some advise on our range or perhaps you're a fan who needs help choosing a special gift. Read on to understand your options more...

- The Classics:

The Etch, Banjo and Hanging Pots are perfect if you're new to the plant craze! These pots are for you if you're looking for a simple pot to showcase your new plant and love colour and texture but don't need a complex shape.


 Etch, Banjo, Hanging planters with trays

- The Must-Haves:

The Archie and Roma are our hero Pots! The Archie comes in many colours, they look great in threes if you can't choose one colour ;). The Archie has been a favourite for years now and makes for the perfect gift. 

Archie, Roma plant pots

-The Sculptural Pots:

The Summit and Dome Eros Pots present sharp edges and eye-catching shapes.They allow you to show off your plants in unique ways. Display a set of two for a stunning result.


-The Versatile Pot:

The Sol Pot doubles up as a Pot and a bookend! We designed it with your bookshelves in mind! There is no better way to keep your books tidy than adding some foliage to the ensemble. Grab a couple of them and play with the colours.

Sol plant Pots

I hope this is helpful! Do not hesitate to drop us an email if you have any questions!

the Capra Designs Team - xx

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