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Article: Taking plants into the Kids Rooms

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Taking plants into the Kids Rooms

Plants are a great way to bring the outdoors in during the winter months and it’s never too early to teach children about the value of plants and how to care for something living.

When choosing plants to pop in your kids room there are a couple things I would recommend considering:

  1. Position: Ensure the plant is nice and high, perhaps on a shelf or tallboy. Our Trilogy Hanger and Diamond Hanger are also great ways to keep plants out of reach. You don’t want those little fingers getting into the soil. Of course good lighting is always a must also! 
  2. Type: I would recommend something hardy, your number one priority in your kids room is… your child.  So the plant may be required to endure droughts and lack of love.  Secondly, I like plants that air cleansing for bedrooms. Here's a few of my plant recommendations:

Devils Ivy

Devil's Ivy

designer plant pots

Spider Plant

indoor plant pots


Get some styling inspiration in our latest Instagram post  featuring one of our stockists, Apache Rose, who has used the Diamond Hanger beautifully in a kids room display. 

I’ve absolutely adored introducing Banjo to plants. As he acknowledges the abundance of greengage throughout our house I have always told him to ‘touch the plants gently and talk to them softly’. He now admires them with tenderness. 

Banjo Loves Plants from Bianca Lambert on Vimeo.


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