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Article: Umbrella Plant Obsession

Indoor plant pots

Umbrella Plant Obsession

Since developing an infatuation with indoor plants, I've seen a constant evolution of plant varieties coming into trend/season. 

In recent weeks I feel like I can't flip through a magazine, scroll through Instagram or enter a trendy cafe without seeing an Umbrella Plant.

And now they are number one on my must have list. Here's a little on why people (I) love them:

Styling: This plant is so versatile you can grow it into a tall, slender feature tree or keep it compact and short on a shelf or table. To keep it small will require you to remove the upward growing shoots - which means it's height is in your control. 

Care: The umbrella plant is very adaptive and forgiving however for best results they love to be in a well-lit room out of direct light. They require a thorough watering weekly/fortnightly - when the soil appears to be dried out. Watch out for over watering though which can lead to root rot. 

If you're in Melbourne, I would highly recommend popping into Mosey Store to choose your Umbrella Plant. 

Images from Mosey Store  and Haarkon

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