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Article: Your Questions Answered: Variegated Plants


Your Questions Answered: Variegated Plants

There’s no point denying it, I have something of an obsession when it comes to variegated plants! I would consider myself an avid collector and something of an expert when it comes to these naturally occurring, wondrous phenomena. 

My favorite variegated plant changes frequently as I am continually adding to my collection. However, currently, my favored plant is a string of pearls that recently came to me. This is a rare and beautiful formation that perfectly highlights each string. 

Being amongst the most cherished plants in my collection I often like to feature them prominently with the inclusion of a plant stand and a bold black or white plant pot that allows the unique patterning on the leaves to take center stage

I have had several questions posed to me regarding variegated plants. There seems to be a lot of mystery and intrigue surrounding these plants, fueled at least in part by the exorbitant prices some of them can go for (the price for a Variegated Monstera is particularly monstrous). 

In the hope that greater awareness will lead to more people benefitting from these stunning creations, here are some of my answers to your questions:

What is a Variegated Plant?

Firstly, what exactly is a variegated plant? Variegation is when the leaves of a plant contain different colors, often giving them a striped or blotched appearance. 

Why do Some Plants Have Variegated Leaves?

This difference in leaf color occurs because of a variation in the chlorophyll pigment which is responsible for giving plants their green color. Cell mutation can result in less chlorophyll in certain areas of the leaf or plant, making it lighter in appearance.

Is Propagation Possible with a Variegated Plant?

Variegation typically occurs for two reasons: inheritance (genetic) or through a random occurrence (chimeric). Those plants with variegation in their genetics present standard patterning and can be propagated. An offshoot or seed from such a plant will feature a similar pattern. For randomly occurring variegation it is less likely that you will be able to replicate the genetic mutation.

Why Do Variegated Plants Revert on Occasion?

It is possible for variegated plants to revert to full green color and a few factors can cause this. In suboptimal environments, an increase in chlorophyll pigmentation can be a response to low-light or extreme temperature pressures. Variegation also often results in slower growth naturally as lower chlorophyll means less energy production for the plant. Reverting may be a survival technique to promote faster growth. If this occurs, it is best to remove the affected leaves. Otherwise, these leaves may actually take over as their higher chlorophyll levels make them more likely to survive and grow.

Can I induce Variegation from a Regular House Plant?

It is not a simple process to induce variegation in a standard plant. It is certainly not possible within a regular home. The proven method for creating more such plants is to use cuttings or seeds from an existing variegated plant - hence why some command such high price points. Fortunately, propagation is relatively straightforward and one plant could provide for you, your friends, and your family!

We hope this article has answered some of your questions regarding variegated plants. If you are looking for something unique and eye-catching, these can be a fantastic choice.

For more design inspiration, check out our Instagram @CapraDesigns. Such stunning plants deserve nothing less than the finest, handcrafted designer plant pots (and perhaps a decorative tray or two to create a striking vignette).

We look forward to seeing all your unique Variegated Plants and how you choose to proudly display them.


Xx - The Capra Designs Team

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