We love exploring common themes when visiting Maison & Objet, the huge Parisian tradeshow. Here's what we found. 

1. Comfort as the ultimate luxury.

I couldn't ignore the extra large, deep, extremely soft and enveloping chairs and sofas. They were everywhere. Decorating and envisioning our home as if it was a hotel suite seems to be the path to follow. After a couple of years mostly spent at home, this is not surprising. Treat yourself at home with unique, handmade items, take the time to patiently curate some artwork, choose some sculptural lightings as well as some heavy curtains and extra soft rugs to set the mood and create a warm and plush atmosphere.

changing architecture

Images: Maison Dada / Hubsch Interior

2. Floral shapes and vivid colours to add some lightness and fun in our interiors.

Not taking our interior decor too seriously and falling back into the 80's floral decoration trend is really refreshing actually. Think tangy orange and bright lively purple, neon pink tones and bright citrus yellow as well as curvy pieces of furniture and flowers everywhere. How invigorating, right? Create a retro, yet contemporary and playful, look at home with colourful glassware, sculptural neon candles and cushions shaped as flowers.

modern vase
interior decor objects
changing architecture
designer trays

Images: Sophie Lou Jacobsen / The Socialite Family / Popus Editions / The Invisible Collection

3. Sophisticated textures for the tactile effect.

Adding bold colours to your interior is great but adding textures seems to be the new norm. Natural fibers, raw materials such as stone, marble, terrazzo are super trendy and add depth to your home decor. Consider also corrugated surfaces for pieces of furniture and small objects to create sophisticated vignettes.

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Images: Noma Editions / Stoned

We left the show feeling creatively energised, even if it was hard to take it all in! It was incredible to see so many new products in one day and to get a sense of how our interiors will turn this year. Keep in mind to not take your home styling too seriously, and make it joyful and extremely comfortable. 

XX - The Capra Designs Team

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