The Banjo Pot Story

Our Banjo Planter has been the most longstanding and popular to date.

Named after my son, it's classic shape, terrazzo finish and deep tray give it all the elements of a perfect plant friend.


I started Capra Designs from the granny flat in the backyard of our Melbourne rental.  Banjo was just 1 month old when at the time of Capra Designs launch.

The design and desire to make pots especially pots with trays, came from my love of plants. However the motivation to turn what was a hobby into a business was the desire to lead a varied, balanced and flexible work life.

Now 8 years into my business I want to celebrate the tiny human that gave me the motivation to create change in my life and the very popular planter that helped me launch my brand. BANJO!

Banjo kids room with plants Banjo indoor planter with drip tray

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When your indoor plants are thriving you gain a sense of accomplishment.

Bianca Lambert

The story behind Capra Designs