The importance of drainage holes for indoor plants

The basic rule of thumb for indoor plant care is healthy roots.

I know it can be quite hard to gauge the state of your plant’s root system, but ensuring this one major factor will have you on the right track to thriving indoor plants.

When designing Capra Designs’ planters I’m always considering functionality and form at the same time. We know that potted plants need drainage so that their routes can breath rather than drown in water. Therefore we've created all of our planters with drainage holes and drip trays.

Without proper drainage it’s likely that your once beautiful indoor plant will struggle to live its best life. If you’re indoor plant sits in stagnant water it may develop root rot, bacteria growth or fungi blooms. Not to mention constantly wet soil can breed gnats (I’ve had a gnat problem and it’s not fun!).

As we lead into winter this tip becomes even more important. Don’t drown your plant with love :)

Planter and tray rhipsalis in planter


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