At Capra Designs, we often create beautiful vignettes at home.

But what exactly is a vignette?

"a small picture or drawing, especially on the first page of a book".

or "any small, pleasing picture or view"

In the context of interior styling, I would define it as an image, an interesting composition or a still life.

Rainbow Object $89, Keepsake Box $45, Large Tray Terrazzo $85

It is the way of composing an eye-satisfying home decor that can easily be modified and put away. We usually use our Large Trays to build our vignette as thew allow us to move it easily and to keep everything tidy. It could be nice to use a Medium or Small Tray as well to store the smallest elements.

Terrazzo Trays from $19

A vignette can include many objects such as a small vase with some dry flowers, some air plants, crystals, small dishes to burn incense, some books, a potted plant, antiques or any interesting objects and finds. It can also be a nice way to keep your desk organised as you can arrange your pencil holder, small notepads, post-its and paper-clips.

If you like changing your interior decor, I would recommend giving it a go as it is a pleasing activity and it is such great feeling when your house feels neat and beautiful ( + it's way easier to change a vignette than to move your pieces of furniture around! )

Do not hesitate to post your vignette and tag us on Instagram to get featured! @capradesigns

xx - the Capra Designs team