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Article: #1 - At Home Series - Bianca Lambert

Bianca Lambert from Capra Designs

#1 - At Home Series - Bianca Lambert

We are thrilled to introduce our new "At Home" blog series, featuring some of our favourite Australian-based creatives.

We take a look into their unique homes and see some of their favourite Capra Designs' pots or objects showcased as part of their incredible style.

To kick start this series; we wanted to have fun, do a little role play and interview our very own creative guru: Bianca Lambert, Capra Designs' co-founder. Read below to learn more about Bianca's approach to creativity and home styling.


1. Tell us a bit about you. What’s your creative field, style, passion etc?

I’m the Director of Capra Designs. I design and manufacturer homewares particularly plant wares. My business grew out of a passion for plants and a frustration for not being able to find pots that were equally beautiful and functional. I have a real love for Mid Century Modern design and architecture.

2. How does your creativity play into your home aesthetic?

My creativity evolved from a love of hands-on making. This is reflected in our home, much of our furniture is either made from scratch by us or restored mid century designs.

designer plant pots

Bianca's Emerald and Dark Stone selection for her kitchen. - featured products: Eros Vase and Roma Pot in Emerald & Zip Pot and Funnel Pot in Dark Stone.

3. What Capra Designs products did you choose and why?

I moved house recently and moved my Dome Hanging Pots with me, I love the height they create in a room. As I am often taking home samples my collection continues to evolve but my favs are in line with what’s most popular in Capra Designs Collection, the Banjo Pot, Roma Pot, Archie Pot and trays. I can’t live without the trays, they are just so practical.


Hanging indoor plant pots
terrazzo trays

Hanging Pots and terrazzo homewares for a beautiful and practical home. - featured products: Dome Hanging Pots in Salt and Golden, Medium Tray and Cone Keepsake Box in Agave Terrazzo

4. What role does colour play in your home decor?

I gravitate towards warm colours, and love to add pops of bright colour. So you’ll see pops of mustard, warm greens, earthy pinks etc.

plant pots

The Agave colour is a crowd pleaser and is great to add a subtle touch of colour to any room. - featured product: Etch Pot in Agave.

5. What do you love about living with plants?

They add a homely feel to the house and create a sense of being connected to the outdoors. When your indoor plants are thriving they also bring a sense of accomplishment.

hanging planters

A super healthy spider plant is the star of the room. - featured product: Dome Hanging Pot in Midnight.

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