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Article: How Capra Designs is Building Toward a Sustainable Future

How Capra Designs is Building Toward a Sustainable Future

How Capra Designs is Building Toward a Sustainable Future

At the heart of Capra Designs is a firm belief in the importance of sustainability and responsible business practices. We have always turned to the natural world to inform our design decisions and so - since our inception - we have strived for a mutually beneficial relationship between ourselves and nature.

Every aspect of our business from inception to production is driven by a want to give back more than we ever take. We want to be a business that everyone can be proud to support!

There are several approaches we take to achieve such high levels of sustainability. Here are a few of the most important ones:


1. Up-cycling discarded materials for our Terrazzo Planters

We spend a lot of time at our family-run manufacturers. In fact, it’s one of our favorite places to visit and a constant source of inspiration. On one occasion, we couldn’t help but comment on the number of pots that had been set aside ready to be thrown away.

Capra Designs and our manufacturer share exceptionally high expectations of our products and these plant pots hadn’t quite passed quality assurance, for a variety of reasons. However, never one to let good ceramic go to waste, we knew what we had to do!

The subtle specks of white, blue and earthy tones would prove perfect for our range of Terrazzo Planters. In case you haven’t heard this term before, terrazzo is a process where discarded pieces of ceramic are broken down and styled together to create handcrafted and unique designs.

Our terrazzo ranges have since proven to be some of our bestselling designs globally. That means we are able to salvage ever more discarded pieces and repurpose them to bring joy and beauty to our customers’ homes.


2. Our Plant Pots and other Decor are always made in small batches

We have always preferred small batches over mass production for two reasons. Firstly, small batches are the best way we have found to accurately control our inventory. Excess stock is often a leading cause of wastage in many companies. Industries such as fashion have such an issue with ‘overstocking’ that they resort to burning and sabotaging their own lines to avoid flooding the market and to free up warehouse space. We cannot imagine a worse form of waste!

Secondly, small batches allow us to control quality and respond rapidly to any potential deviations. Our plant pots and decor objects can be modified between batches to ensure we are always offering the best product possible.


3. Our manufacturer shares our belief in the importance of sustainability

Capra Designs has had the privilege of working with the same family-run manufacturer since it first started. That’s because we did extensive research before choosing who to partner with and we’re pleased to say we got it right. They share in our values and present the same enthusiasm we do. They have also grown accustomed to our incredibly time-consuming concept and design phase!

It would not have been possible for any of our interior design objects to have met the standards we had hoped for without their assistance. We consider ourselves very fortunate to count them as partners.


4.  Designs made to stand the test of time

Fashion trends come and go but we aim to be timeless. Our colour palette takes inspiration from natural tones and is designed to sit harmoniously alongside old and new collections. At the core of our design principles is the desire to never be out of fashion, be that a year or even a decade from now.

Our designer pots, vases, and trays aim to make interior decor effortless, whatever aesthetic you are looking to achieve. We want to provide you with your new favorite pieces, now and forever.


5. We are always looking to the future to improve our practices

Being sustainable means continually adapting and adopting new sustainable practices. We will never rest on our laurels and will always seek new avenues to improve our approach. That’s why we have now adopted recyclable materials in all our warehouses and avoid plastics commonly used elsewhere.

With an eye to the future, we are also looking to invest in a brand-new biodegradable bubble wrap machine. While we design all our interior decor objects to last a lifetime, we certainly don’t want the same for our packaging materials!

homewares dispatch

Capra Designs doesn’t just talk to the talk when it comes to sustainability, we walk the walk too. Upcycling, small-batch production, valued partnerships, and eternal designs all form part of a comprehensive approach to the issue of sustainable business. All this while looking to the future for ways to continually refine and improve our approach. We want to be proud of the way we conduct our business so that you can be proud to support us.

We aim to be a beacon of sustainability for others to follow suit. We can all make the world a greener place.

See you soon,

Xx - Capra Designs

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