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Article: Create a dried flower arrangement with us

dried flowers

Create a dried flower arrangement with us

After all these years designing, making and testing our own plant pots, we know a thing or two about plant styling and plant care but flower arranging is a totally different world. 

"Le Detail" floral studio's super creative owner, Margot, kindly showed us a few ways of styling our Etta Vase and Eros Vase as well as a couple of our favourite pots, the Archie Pot and the Small Summit Pot. She also shared some very valuable tips with us, from choosing colours and varieties to keeping your dried flowers beautiful for a very long time.

A bouquet of dried flowers

1. Start by observing the shape and the colour of your vessel to determine the look you'd like to achieve. You can select dried flowers that will complement the colour of your vessel, or in the contrary, colours that will contrast with with your vase.

You don't necessarily need a lot of stems to obtain a satisfying and beautiful result. Sometimes, only a few carefully selected specimens are needed to enhance the design of your vessel. For instance, a few stems of craspedia can magnify the shape of the Eros Vase.

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terrazzo plant pots

2. Line up your dried flowers and foliage on the table to have a clear visibility of your project. Determine if you'd like to create a bouquet that will be placed on a table, therefore visible from all sides, or that will be against a wall.


3. Start assembling your dried flowers in one hand, adding stems one by one to carefully compose your bouquet. Vary heights and play with textures and colours. For the Etta Vase, for example, we used some dried statice and some super soft lagurus, adding a touch of lilac and apricot colours to complement the colour of the vase. Some other interesting specimens are the gypsophila and dried oat grass.

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a bunch of dead flowers

If you wish to style a pot, you can simply add a glass vessel inside to keep your bouquet in place. We placed a small bottle inside our Small Summit Pot to keep all our stems together.

Indoor plant pots

The result was a flamboyant composition.

golden plant pots

4. To keep your composition beautiful for a long time, avoid direct sun exposure and do not place your dried flowers in a humid room. To remove dust, simply use a hair dryer, using only cool air.

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