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Article: Welcoming our new collection 'Acme'

modern vase

Welcoming our new collection 'Acme'

Our new collection Acme has launched. We are overjoyed to bring brand new designs to your home.

The Acme Collection was born during the stillness of isolation and is all about seasonal changes and time passage.

designer pots

A feature of the collection is the new Speckle finish found on the Speckle Pots and Catchall Trays. Speckle is a thinner and more subtle terrazzo that will add a delicate texture to any home decor.

terrazzo trays

There are three new pot designs, all of which include Capra Designs signature water trays.

You may already know the first design of the Acme Collection: we launched the Spring Pot earlier this year to celebrate the start of something new, after a never ending lockdown.

white indoor pots

The colour palette chosen is earthy and elegant. White, Navy, and Clay are the stars of the collection while a few touches of Musk, Golden and Agave add more freshness to the palette and allow for more colour combinations.

designer plant pots

The collection is now yours and we can't wait to see these new designs in your home.

XX - The Capra Designs

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