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Article: Our 5 favourite indoor plants for beginners!

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Our 5 favourite indoor plants for beginners!

Behind our passion for handcrafted resin pots, lies our love for indoor plants.

We truly believe in the power of plants and colourful homewares to make your i your house feel joyful, restful and simply beautiful.

It can be overwhelming to know where to start in the wide plant world. As our pots are designed to host healthy and thriving plants (and to keep them that way), here is a list of our favourite indoor plants for beginners, tested and approved by the Capra Designs team.

Believe us, these plants are low maintenance, looks fantastic and would make a great match with our selected Capra Designs Pots.

1. Sansevieria trifasciata or Snake Plant.

This plant is almost immortal! If you need a plant that requires low to zero maintenance, I would suggest starting with a Snake Plant. From dark corners to directly sun exposed spots, this plant will adapt and survive everywhere. We'd recommend indirect light for best results and optimal growth. It only needs water when the soil is dry and could wait weeks between watering without any problem (up to 6 weeks in Winter).

Please note the Snake Plant is toxic for cats and dogs.

Pot Suggestions: The colour of the Snake Plant's leaf will go perfectly with a Roma Pot in Terracotta or a Summit Pot in Fossil or Golden. Think tall pot with interesting shape to enhance the movement of graphic leaves.


Roma Pot Terracotta, Summit Pot Fossil/ Golden


2. Pilea Peperomioides

Who doesn't love the recognisable foliage of a Pilea? With its lovely round leaves and high exposure on social media, this plant is now very popular. We completely understand the hype around it, as this plant is easy to care for, grows rapidly, and can make offshoots which you can gift to all your friends! I once bought and offshoot for $50, back in the day when it was a rare plant!

Choose a spot with medium to bright indirect light. Your plant is likely to slightly bend towards the sunlight, so don't forget to rotate your pot. In terms of watering, you'll notice immediately when your Pilea needs water as the leaves will bow. Try not to wait until then and water your Pilea when the soil looks dry. 

Pot Suggestions: I like having a Pilea in a raised pot as the lush foliage can cover it overtime. A Pilea would look at home in a Banjo Pot in Agave or in an Archie Pot in Musk.


Banjo Pot Agave, Archie Pot Musk, Tall Eros Pot


3. Pothos or Devil’s Ivy

I purchased a Neon Pothos last year and I'm super happy with how beautiful the neon colour leaves look in my space. This plant is really easy to care for but does require a bit more attention than the above plants. In fact, it needs to be watered roughly once every 2 weeks to keep the soil moist but not soggy. Don't forget that all Capra Designs Pots come with a fitted water tray to make your life easy. Place your Pothos on a spot with bright indirect light and let him thrive.

Bonus: This plant cleans the air and loves humid rooms (kitchen, bathroom).

Pot Suggestions: A Dome Eros Pot in Terracotta would be perfect for a bold pairing. An Archie Pot in Emerald could be a nice option. This plant would thrive in a Hanging Pot also.


Dome Eros Pot Terracotta, Archie Pot Emerald, Hanging Pot


4. Alocasia Macrorrhiza

This eye-catching plant with large foliage would be a nice way to introduce a larger specimen into your collection. This plant requires medium to bright indirect light to thrive.The whole plant tends to bend towards the sunlight, so make sure to rotate your pot to keep your plant balanced. The key here is drainage as the plant has sensitive roots. It likes moist soil, but again, be careful not to over-water it. Adding pumice to your potting mix can help facilitate good drainage. Another tip is to clean the large leave with a damp cloth to maximise the light absorption. 

Pot Suggestions: Our Large Etch and Large Summit Pots are perfect for this large plant. A Banjo Pot in White would also be a suitable option for young specimen too.


Large Etch pots, Large Summit Pots, Banjo Pot in White


5. Zamioculcas zamiifolia or ZZ plant

Last but not least, the ZZ plant and its beautiful and shiny foliage is a great plant to start with. This plant will thrive anywhere in your home simply avoid direct light as it can scorch the leaves. The ZZ plant is able to store nutrients and water -water it every 2 weeks in Summer and even less in Winter! Again, over watering is the enemy here. Like the Alocasia, dusting the leaves is really helpful to keep the plant healthy and shiny throughout the year.

Please note the ZZ Plant is toxic for cats and dogs.

Pot Suggestions: A Roma Pot in Emerald to match the graphic leaves of the plant, a Banjo Pot in Musk or a Funnel Pot in Gum Leaf would be perfect.


Roma Pot Emerald, Banjo Pot Musk, Funnel Pot Gum Leaf


We hope this article will make your love for beautiful pots and plants grow even more!

xx - the Capra Designs Team

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