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Article: Send love this Valentine's Day with plants and homewares!

Capra Designs family!

Send love this Valentine's Day with plants and homewares!

Valentine's Day is not so far away! 

We believe that Valentine's day is not only to celebrate the love of your life but to spread the love all around you: you can send a card to your girlfriends, show your thankful for your partner, send a lovely gift to your family or leave a small bunch of fresh flowers on your neighbour's doorstep. After everything we've been through, sending love is essential. 

The best gift we ever got on Valentines day was our daughter Etta. Happy Birthday Etta. 

Family from Capra Designs!, Rainbow objects

Here are some great gift suggestions to spoil your loved ones this Valentine's Day featuring some Capra Designs homewares and the most romantic plants we could find!

1- Sending a card is a really thoughtful thing to do. Take a moment to write some nice words to the people you love the most. You can also include a gift card to give them the opportunity to treat themselves.

2- Choose a lovely pot and find the cutest plant (with heart-shaped leaves only!) to make a romantic combo. Here are some of our favourite plants and pots for Valentine's Day:


Archie Pot Fossil, Roma Pot Terracotta, Banjo Pot Musk Terrazzo.


A Caladium Fantasy with an Archie Pot in Fossil, a Roma Pot in Terracotta or a Banjo Pot in Musk Terrazzo.


Archie Pot Golden, Tall Eros Pot Terracotta, Roma Pot Musk.


A Philodendron Gloriosum with an Archie Pot in or Golden, a Tall Eros Pot in Terracotta or a Roma Pot in Musk.


Archie Pot Musk Terrazzo, Etch Pot Agave, Small Hanging Pot Salt


A Chain of the Hearts with an Archie Pot in Musk Terrazzo, an Etch Pot in Agave or a Small Hanging Pot in Salt


Small Summit Pot Fossil, Roma Pot Fossil, Etch Pot Musk.


An Anthurium with a Small Summit Pot in Fossil, a Roma Pot in Fossil or an Etch Pot in Musk.

3- Send a Rainbow Object to make the recipient instantly smile! The Rainbow Object sends a message of joy, positivism and love.


Rainbow Objects


4- Fresh flowers are a Valentine's Day classic. Choose locally-grown and seasonal varieties if possible. To complement your flowers, choose an Eros Vase or Etta Vase.


Eros Vase, Etta Vase.


Have a lovely Valentine's Day!

xx - the Capra Designs team

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