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Article: Top Styling Guide for Your Home Office

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Top Styling Guide for Your Home Office

For many of us, working from home has become the new norm. Despite the pandemic and lockdowns being over, employers have adjusted to a new way of business with hybrid or full remote solutions as the standard. 

The advantages of no-commute, flexible hours and being able to work from the comfort of our homes have been huge. However, it has also created the need to transform spaces that were not necessarily arranged as long-term work areas into impromptu offices. It is not always the easiest thing to do this, particularly if you do not have a dedicated spare room or an abundance of extra space.

There are some small things you can do to completely transform your working space and create that much-needed separation between home and office. These are Capra Designs top tips for transforming your home office into a place of tranquillity and productivity.

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1. The best solution is to have a completely separate room that can function solely as a home office. That is not always possible though. If you need to separate a single room between a work and play area, think about how you can use its natural layout to your advantage. 

An alcove or a recess in your wall can work wonders when creating an area that feels functionally detached from the rest of the room. Some clever decor can further help amplify this distinction. Think about using differently painted feature walls or some cleverly placed interior decor objects to create a substitute divide. A large colourful rug can also help simulate the transition from one space to another.

A large specimen and a large pot, such as a Large Etch Pot or Large Summit Pot, can also separate 2 spaces visually.

Capra Designs, designer vase

2. Even if you are working with a relatively small square footage such as in an apartment or studio, it is important to create a daily ritual that simulates the feeling of leaving the office and entering the home. Packing away your laptop somewhere out of sight can help you switch off for the evening and stop that habitual checking of work emails long after you would have ordinarily forgotten about them.

A Large Tray can be your perfect work companion as it can help you store all your pens, notebooks and office supply neatly in one place.

3. The addition of a bookshelf or two is a must, not only to divide a space but also to provide much-needed storage for all your work books and documents. They can also add extra dimensionality to an otherwise small space, helping to make it feel larger than it actually is. Remember not to overfill any bookcase with work items alone. This is a great opportunity to add a personal touch and make the space feel like your own with some selective interior decor objects.

An Eros Vase is a beautiful object that would fit nicely in any decor.

fancy flower vases, beautiful decor object

4. For those that felt a deep personal attachment to their office plants, this is a great time to create a green space that works for you. What is the point of working from home if we can’t spend even more time caring for our plants? A selection of designer plant pots and plants is a great way to create a beautiful working environment. In fact, plants have been proven to both increase productivity and reduce stress in the workplace. 

As you can see in our example, a few small plant pots can work wonders to transform even a relatively small computer desk. Adding them to your bookshelves can also help to break up the clutter of work documents and give you some breathing room. 

Whatever interior decor objects you choose to spruce up your home office, whether you opt for hanging planters or bookshelf plant pots, all we ask is that you take a photo and show us how you get the most from your space! Don’t forget to get in on the fun with our #Shelfie campaign and tag us on Instagram @CapraDesigns. We can’t wait to hear from you.

xx - Capra Designs

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