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Article: Easy bathroom makeover ideas.

designer plant pots

Easy bathroom makeover ideas.

On average, we spend over 180 hours in our bathroom each year! However, bathrooms are typically one of those rooms that people find hard to style because hero furniture looks more like a vanity & a … loo. So, together with No.2 we’ve curated our top five tips for easy bathroom makeovers that are completely rental friendly, cost effective & quickly elevate the space we spend so much of our time in.

1. Position flowers to add instant glam:

Nothing says 'feel pampered' like fresh flowers. Set a peaceful atmosphere and sense of luxury adding a beautiful Eros Vase. You can head to your garden for a single flower or fun foliage, so this piece of luxury need not be expensive or time consuming.

designer vase

Don't forget any vessel can be easily turned into a vase by simply adding a jar. We love popping a jar inside the our Small Summit Pot to house our flowers. 

designer pots

2. Add LED lighting under cabinets:

Immediately lifting any space and making a simple vanity stand out, strip LED lights like these LIFX Polychrome LightStrips are super affordable, easy to apply (& remove) & are controlled from your smartphone! You can set timers for them to switch on & off, as well as set a specific ambience with a full range of colour. We love ‘warm light’ in our bathroom.
Fit light strips to the base of your vanity, or underneath shelving to make your bathroom warmer and high-end, instantly.

3. Use fragrance to make your space feel special:

Scent, emotions & memory are all linked when it comes to enjoying a space. No.2 Post-flush perfume drops not only have your back as part of your daily routine, but the stunning blend of mandarin, geranium & bergamot essential oils can be dropped into the hand basin for an easy fragrance hack. If you’re expecting guests, this is a must.


Indoor Plant Soil Food and Foliage Spray Pack


4. Choose a feature plant pot for colour:

Bathrooms can be a little soulless and harsh with their cold tiles, shiny glass and hard surfaces. Plants are exactly what is required to create a welcoming and relaxing guest bathroom. Plants can introduce colour and soften a room. We love a rhipsalis plant with an Etch Pot. If bench space is a consideration try adding a Cork Plant Stand as well as a potted plant. If you need help selecting a plant for your bathroom, you can read our blog article on the subject for guidance.

Indoor Plants Gift Pack - Munash Organics

5. Style useful items within reach:

Thankfully, many bathroom products have had a facelift & can now be styled to add a pop of colour. Products like How We Roll Co have beautifully wrapped toilet paper rolls that can be stacked.

Best of all? No.2 sits pretty on your bathroom shelf in a stylish, reusable glass bottle.


Contains Foliar Spray and Plant Food for Indoor Plants


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