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Article: How Do you Gift Wrap a Plant in a Plant Pot?

terrazzo plant pots

How Do you Gift Wrap a Plant in a Plant Pot?

Call us biased but we at Capra Designs believe there is no better gift to receive than a healthy plant already potted in the perfect plant pot. 

It takes time to choose the right plant for a loved one and oftentimes even longer to find the perfect planter to complement it. With that done you then have to think about how best to wrap them both without risking any damage; not an easy feat in itself!

So whether you are searching for the ideal housewarming gift ideas, a present for Christmas or a birthday, or any of life's most precious occasions, we want to help you make that moment truly special.

This is our comprehensive guide on how to gift wrap decorative indoor plants already potted in the perfect plant pot

All you will need is:

  • Brown wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • A decorative ribbon or any other personal touches you would like to add
  • Your plant pot and plant

    For this example, I have opted for a beautiful and healthy maranta in one of our  Archie Pot in Musk Terrazzo.

    1. You want to make sure your plant is gifted as healthy as possible. So, if you can, we advise watering 2 days before wrapping. This should be plenty of time for any excess water to drain without starving the plant of moisture. 

    containers made of terrazzo


    2. A plant pot with proper drainage is essential but a little trickier to wrap. Make sure to secure the drainage tray to the plant pot to avoid it falling away from the pot. Masking tape is ideal for this as it provides a firm hold without leaving any residue on the plant pot.

    terrazzo planter in hand

    3. Cut your craft paper to size to make wrapping easier. For reference, the Archie Terrazzo Planter we used here required 50cm of wrapping paper to be cut.

    Indoor plant pots

    4. Fold from one corner of the cut wrapping paper to create a triangle. You should be left with a rectangular section of paper beneath the folded triangle.

    indoor plant pots

    5. Use this folded triangle as a reference when positioning your plant. The tip of the plant should roughly align with the tip of the triangle and the plant pot base should run parallel with the fold.

    musk plant pots

    6. Overlap the two sides to wrap the plant pot. This should be done tightly around the pot to provide a firm hold but be extra careful here not to damage the leaves. Once you are happy with the wrapping, use the masking tape to keep everything together.

    wrapping plant pots

    7. Now it’s time to add a touch of personalisation. Add a decorative bow or some stickers as we did here. Finally, place a handwritten card amongst the leaves and voila! You have yourself a perfectly wrapped plant and plant pot.

    indoor plant pots
    modern vase

    That’s all there is to it. Plants really make for the ideal housewarming gift ideas or for other special occasions and the beautifully presented wrapping is just the icing on top. As the base is still unwrapped make sure to handle your gift by holding the plant pot and not the plant or the wrapping itself.

    We can’t wait to see the looks on the faces of your friends and family when they receive their new decorative indoor plant. Don’t forget to tag us over on Instagram @CapraDesigns to show off your gift-wrapping skills!

    xx - Capra Designs

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