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Article: New Rocky Road Collection as seen on The Design Files

terrazzo plant pots

New Rocky Road Collection as seen on The Design Files

Sally Tabart took a look at Capra Designs newest collection for The Design Files on 21 Sept 2017.

Visit here for the full story or check out the snapshot below.

Tom Wilson and Bianca Lambert of Capra Designs have been BUSY. We first featured the husband and wife team a couple of years ago, a mere month after they’d launched their debut range of resin plant-pots and powder coated metal plant-stands.

Fast-forward to now, and not only do they have a two-year-old business, but they also have a two-year-old baby, Banjo! That’s gotta take some serious teamwork.

We revisit Capra Designs to preview Rocky Road, their new collection in collaboration with textile designer Anna Sassi.


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terrazzo plant pots

"House your plants in pops of confetti" as seen on Broadsheet

Capra Designs launched their third collection, Rocky Road, on 3 August and are proud to have had a follow up feature on on 9 August.  Visit here for the full story written by Kirs...

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How to care for Tillandsia (Air Plants)

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