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Article: Oaxaca's Ethnobotanical Garden in Mexico

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Oaxaca's Ethnobotanical Garden in Mexico

At Capra Designs, we have always loved travelling and visiting new places.

Travel is a constant source of inspiration where your brain is working at full capacity to absorb all the new things you are facing and learning. It certainly helps us stay creative and inventive on a day to day basis.

When traveling we slowly build a database in our mind with a collection of different images and sensations for us to refer to in our creative process when facing the "blank page syndrome".

Oaxaca's Ethnobotanical Garden in Mexico is strongly embedded in our memory.

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If you are a plant enthusiast like us, this garden is definitely an indispensable stopover if you are travelling across Mexico. 

Located in Oaxaca City, in a former monastery land, the garden aims to present the diversity of Oaxaca state's flora and its traditional relationship with its people since pre-Colombian era. The plants are arranged together by ecological and cultural themes. 

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Created by a group of local artists, the garden plan is geometrical and some contemporary artworks and former convent items are displayed alongside the zig-zag path (a pre-Colombian pattern). Rainwater is collected and flows throughout the whole garden through a canal network to guide the visitor. 

This garden shows the strong link between people and their land. It is also a remarkably beautiful place with native large cacti, sumptuous agaves, flowers all year round, a large collection of chili and more. 

It is a truly colourful landscape masterpiece and endless inspiration for all the plant lovers out there!

colourful landscape
beautiful place

Read more about the garden here.

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