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At Capra Designs, we are used to working from home. We usually spend one day at our warehouse to pack and send your orders. It's also a good moment to have a quick meeting with our small team to get organised for the week or the months to come. Other than that, we work remotely.

In light of recent events, we thought it would be good to share our tips to make this new experience more enjoyable.

1- Work in a tidy and organised space.

We find it difficult to work with a clear mind if your working area is a mess. Take the time to organise your desk. It's not a waste of time, you'll be more productive once it's done as you won't be distracted by this overwhelming pile of paperwork... 

the perfect product: our Trays are great to keep our desk accessories contained in one place. *You can now buy a set of Terrazzo Trays on our website for only $99! Add a Small, Medium & Large Trays to your cart and use the code "theset" at checkout" (total value: $143!)

Capra Designs team, tray with planter

2- Decorate your working area with personal touches.

It can be good to have some nice postcards on the wall or some unique finds of yours on your desk; anything to make your new space feel cosy and welcoming.

the perfect product: our Rainbow object is a winner! It makes you feel better instantly. 

rainbow object

3- Trust the power of plants.

Having a potted plant next to your screen can have a real positive impact on your mood. Some specimens can even purify the ambient air! Be creative and grow a perfect jungle office.

the perfect products: our signature pots, perfect to keep your plants healthy!

archie planter, large etch pot

4-Take regular breaks.

You can set up an alarm every hour or so to remind you to drink some water, to brew a well-deserved tea or enjoy a healthy snack. A great productivity App for this is 'Pomodoro Focus Timer'.

musk terrazzo tray, decor objects

Let us know on Instagram what are your tips to stay productive and happy at your home office!




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