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Check out some plant +pot combos using the Spring Collection we designed for Bunnings.

All the plant below can also be found at Bunnings so you can shop the entire look in one place! Plus, our pots were designed to encase the Bunnings grow pots, so you can dip your plants directly into the pot if you prefer not to plant directly. 

Let's start with the Feature Pots.

These Pots are perfect for small plants that need a first home. Their general shape is pretty simple, but their conical water tray and the geometric feature on their side provide some personality.

When choosing a plant try to choose something with thin stems and interesting foliage. The Pilea Peperomoides is great to complement the round shape of the Frill Pot Gum Leaf. A Ctenanthe Greystar will add a touch of purple and make a stunning duo with the Line Pot Desert. The Zip Pot in Dark Stone needs some graphic leaves to go with its geometrical feature. The deep green leaves of Philodendron Birkin would work perfectly!


designer plant pots


The Funnel Pot and its generous round shape is the perfect vessel for any lush foliage. Don't be scared to choose a leafy and dense plant for this Pot! Its water tray creates an interesting visual balance with the foliage and gives some height to elevate any specimen.

A Monstera Deliciosa and a Funnel Pot Gum Leaf would make an epic combo. A Fatsia Japonica would look stunning with the Dusty Rose Terrazzo colour while a Philodendron Rojo Congo would enhance the colour of the White Terrazzo for a refined and elegant result!

Funnel Pots

The Tri Pot is a tribute to our dear Archie Pot. It's a versatile Pot that looks stunning with its sculptural water tray and eye-catching terrazzo finish.

We can assure you that any plant would stand out in this Pot, but here are some of our favourite duos: the Tri Pot White Terrazzo looks fantastic with a Peperomia Rocca Verde and its vibrant foliage. A Calathea Lancifolia is a bold choice to go with the Dark Stone Terrazzo while a Peperomia Piccolo Banda and a Dusty Rose Terrazzo would make a colourful and sophisticated pair.

Tri Pot

We hope these suggestions will help you find the perfect pair for your home! These new colourful Pots are exclusively available from Bunnings.

For more Pot + Plant combos, you can check out our other blog posts HERE & HERE to keep you inspired.


xx - the Capra Designs team

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