As you already know, Musk is a very popular colour this season, and if you haven't given it a go already, we put together some Musk Pot + Plant combos to help you picture them in your interiors!

1- The key here is to associate Musk with a pastel colour foliage for a really refreshing look! We couldn't dream of a better duo than this Archie Pot with a Sedum Morganianum.


Archie plant Pots


2- For the second combo, we associate the Musk Banjo Pot with an elegant plant that we really love: the Philodendron Micans. Its delicate fluffy leaves will look gorgeous against the Terrazzo.


Musk Banjo plant Pot


3- With the Etch Pot we chose a beautiful Ludisia Discolor "Black Jewel Orchid". Its moody foliage will soften the Musk colour for a super sophisticated pair. A great idea to decorate your desk with style!


Etch plant Pot


4- For the Roma Pot, we went for something a bit different with an Anthurium Crystalinum. The leaves are stunning and make this combo an unbeatable eyecatcher!


Roma plant Pots


If you haven't seen our previous Pot + Plant Combos article you can see it here!

We hope this will inspire you to introduce bold colours in your home!


xx - the Capra Designs team

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