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terrazzo plant pots


Each time we start designing a new collection of pots, we try to envision how they would look with plants. Sometimes, it is the other way round: it is a plant, or a type of foliage that will be the starting point of a new design.

Here are some pot + plant combos that we envisioned while designing our current pots. We hope this will inspire you and help you find the best plant for your new Capra Designs pot ( or vice & versa ).

Let's begin with the Summit Pot.

When designing this planter we wanted to create something that would allow for foliage to cascade down the pot, using plants such as rhispaslis baccifera.  Its sliced silhouette is also great for a tall plant, like a sanseveria trifasciata. Colour is also a great consideration when choosing the best plant - pot combo.  The golden version is perfect for a bold duo with a begonia maculata

highest point pot

The Archie Pot has been your favourite pot since day 1!

You have probably seen it many times on our Instagram paired with different plants. It's a very versatile pot! Here are some great looks: If you're looking for a home for your newly purchased alocasia polly, the Archie Pot Terracotta Terrazzo is the winner. The colour of the pot matches the back of the leaves while contrasting with them for the most stylish result! If you're looking for a subtle but refined pair, the creamy Fossil colour goes perfectly with a philodendron white wave. Finally, if you're all about patterns and textures, the striped spikes of the haworthia fasciata looks gorgeous with a Golden Terrazzo Pot.

terrazzo planter

The Dome Hanging Pot is a pretty voluminous pot that needs a leafy cascading plant to make it stand out! Don't worry, once hooked, this hanging pot can hold the weight of soil, growing plant and water. Here are some of our favourite looks: the fishbone cactus and the Golden Dome hanging pot duo is a personal favourite. We used this duo on the first photo shoot of our Back to Nature Collection. A monstera adansonii looks fantastic with the Neptune Terrazzo and you can't go wrong with a hoya publicalyx paired with a Stone Dome Hanging Pot.


hanging plant pots

The Sol Pot is the first pot we designed that can be faced in different ways, giving you multiple options to style your plant. ( pro tip: you can even use it as a bookend! ). If you choose to expose the sun-rising side, a sanseveria cylindrica could work perfectly to reveal the pot's unique shape. If you decide to turn the pot the other way round, the background can be great to enhance a plant interesting feature, such as the bulb of the sinningia bullata or to create a deep contrast with the plants' leaves.

Toiling Over the Sol Pot

The Roma Pot is great for any medium size plant. Its unique eye-catching design makes it perfect to host any rare specimen and graphic foliage. We love the caladium strawberry star paired with the Emerald Roma to make the pink stand out, the philodendron pink princess with a Terracotta pot to bring some warmth into your home, and a ctenanthe to create a really sophisticated duo and keep the eye on the foliage.

It's a Roma Pot

The Banjo Pot is, in my opinion, the easiest pot to style. It's a must-have, you can't go wrong with it as it will always elevate your plant, create a beautiful contrast between a foliage and the colourful terrazzo and make a balanced composition. Here are a few examples: a pilea peperomioides and its round leaves paired with a Salt Terrazzo Banjo create a delicate and soft duo. A sedum morganianum or any kind of succulent would look gorgeous is an Agave Terrazzo Banjo.Lastly, I love the contrast of patterns between the marbled aspect of the syngonium white butterfly's leaves and the Terrazzo finish of the Golden Banjo.

terrazzo plant pots

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for more pot + plant combos brought to you by our lovely retailers!


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