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As we launched our 'Sol' collection a few weeks ago, we wanted to thank you for the warm welcome you gave to it! We've been overwhelmed by your response and a few products are already sold out!

We wanted to share a little bit more about the story behind this collection and our creative design process.

Design meeting

Selecting colours for our new products.

'Sol' is a break away from our 'Back to Nature' collection, which focused heavily on Motif and with signature colourful terrazzo. We've moved toward an aesthetic that is all about simplistic eye-catching forms.

Planned assembly for making plans

Reviewing and adjusting our Eros Vase 3D drawings.

Aptly named after the Roman Goddess of the Sun, the 'Sol' Collection was inspired by Roman Architecture. While designing our new products, we envisioned roman columns and temple ruins. We played with the codes of the Antiquity architecture language to create objects you're not bored to have at home.

Take the Sol planter for example: do you know this pot can be used as bookends? or the Summit planters: these pots are great to give an explosive look and a certain momentum to your plant. 

Sol planters

Our versatile and multi-functional Sol planters looking beautiful from all angles.

Our 6 new designs come in 4 new colours: the neutral Stone and Fossil, the earthy and warm Terracotta and the vibrant Neptune.

We've also formulated a new eco-terrazzo! After several visits to our manufacturer, it became apparent that they had a wasteland of ceramic pots that didn't make it through the firing or quality control process. We wanted to find a way to help clear the waste and utilize the abandoned material. We asked our manufacturer to formulate a new subtle terrazzo, with earthy tones, for this new collection.

Sampling process

Colours and eco-terrazzo samples.

Designing and developing a new collection together was so much fun! We put a lot of ourselves in these products, we hope you love them as much as we do!

Bianca & Juliette

Design review.

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